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UNO X-mini portable mono ceramic speaker. violet


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X-mini UNO is small in size but massive sound! Ceramic 40 mm audio driver delivers better sound, more powerful battery provides longer lasting more than 20 hours declared! Greater follower of successful handheld speaker with integrated rechargeable lithium battery with integrated bass resonator X-mini II - successor legend! Fulfillment of promises "Sound beyound Size"! Simply connect to your mobile phone, MP3 player or laptop, and amaze your friends with this pocket bomb. Fill a room with their music with clean, clear, crisp sound and exhilarated all around. X-mini ™ Capsule speakers UNO ™ are the benchmark for portable audio and multimedia are a new accessory that is a must have ...

Singapore, 2013 - Following the successful launch Bluetooth Speaker X-mini ™ Capsule Speaker ™ KAI, who won two major awards for design - Red dot design and iF Design Awards, the company XM-I focused attention back to basics to improve their basic models X- mini ™ original mobile speaker. Over the past two years we Singaporean producer XM-I proved that it can produce excellent portable speakers, which became a model in the segment of mobile audio. Last year best-selling portable speaker and received design awards from the most reputable psus worldwide. So how can we make a great product even better?
First - to use a professional audio system and implement it into a unique audio technologies for mobile X-mini ™. Thanks ceramic speakers sound driverům get X-mini ™ sharp smooth high-range tones.
Second - to revise patented Bass Xpansion System ™ and gain a greater depth and dimension in the low range for even more pronounced bass that for such a small speaker really amaze!
Thirdly - to squeeze more powerful battery for a significant increase in playing time, instead of 10 hours up to 20 hours!
X-mini ™ MAX and UNO offers a new standard for portable speakers with the introduction of the ceramic cylinder sound. After months of research, testing and prototype development, team XM-I found that the ceramic material is the best driver to sound X-mini ™ shifted to the next level.
Ceramic tweeter brings several advantages. Compared with aluminum tweeters ceramic can go wider frequency range and coverage of high and low sounds. Consequently, distortion of sound is much lower, because ceramic driver is able to withstand high and low frequencies, without producing undesirable cracks in the sound.
When a speaker playing low frequency sound, it is difficult to maintain the depth and intensity reproduced bass. Ceramic driver is able to produce clear, crisp sound precisely, precisely because it is able to effect a high output at low frequencies.
At each frequency point is ceramic driver can achieve better results and thus produce large for clarity, although different frequencies are combined in a single song. With ceramic tweeter in UNO and MAX will detail and sound of each instrument cleaner and brighter.
Battery life - incredible 20 hours of listening!
X-mini ™ Capsule Speakers ™ is known for incredible ability to endure hours of play, and it will not be an exception even for the new UNO and MAX. In fact, battery life UNO were improved up to 20 hours for each charging, while MAX offers playback time up to 18 hours. Built-in Lithium-ion batteries are charged using a greatly expanded micro USB cable, about two to three hours.

LOAD RESONANT base for X-mini ™ UNO mono
X-mini ™ Capsule Speakers ™ are known to produce bass performance beyond what is expected from their size! X-mini ™ technology uses resonant BXS ™ system that uses sounds, pads (resonance) to amplify the bass effect. With a strong bass linoucími of X-mini ™ Capsule Speakers ™, it was common to see them hop on the table when they play the bass heavy tunes. Even though many people would have certainly enjoyed looking at the dancing X-mini ™ Capsule Speaker ™, a new weight has been increased so that it remains in place while you can enjoy even better bass lines of your favorite songs.

X-mini ™ MAX UNO and come in elegant metallic (gun metal) color, which is brand new for a variety of X-mini ™ Capsule Speaker ™. A choice of six colors, which include favorites like blue, green, orange, purple and red, you can spice up your sound according to your favorite color!

Dimensions: 60.0 mm x 47.5 mm (closed resonator) Net Weight: 115 g Speaker: Magnetically shielded 40 mm (3.6Ohm) output to an external speaker: 2.5W Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Signal-to-Noise: 0.82 db Distortion: less than 1.0% Play Time: From 8-20 hours Battery Capacity: 500mAh Battery Charging Voltage: 5V Charging time: minimum 2.5 hours


UNO X-mini portable mono ceramic speaker. violet

UNO X-mini portable mono ceramic speaker. violet

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