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Thrustmaster joystick T16000M FCS for PC


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In Stock 3-5 pcs

In Stock 3-5 pcs

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Exclusive accuracy with HEART technology HallEffect AccuRate Technology ™! 3D (Hall Effect) magnetic sensors are located on the lever:
256 times greater accuracy than other current systems (ie resolution 16000 x 16000 values!). Magnets ensure smooth, frictionless movement with razor sharpness that does not drop over time. A spiral spring (2.8 mm in diameter) located inside the lever ensures a solid, linear and smooth movement. Joystick suitable for both hands! The three detachable components allow perfect adjustment of the joystick for use with the left or right hand. Both-hand piloting is now possible in all games that are compatible with two joysticks.

The joystick includes:
- 16 action buttons with Braille style identification
- 12 buttons on the base and 4 on the lever
- One 8-way cap POV switch
- Switch enabling users to configure 12 buttons located on the base in the position for the left or right hand

4 independent axes, including a rotary rudder (a rudder that is controlled by turning the lever)
- ergonomic trigger triggering brakes (for civilian aircraft) or quick shot of military aircraft or space simulation)
- multi-directional cap switch (allows panoramic views)

The ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort. Wide backrests reduce hand strain. The heavyweight base provides increased stability.

TARGET advanced programming software on PC: programming up to 256 Thrustmaster system keys:
Thrustmaster Advanced pRogramming Graphical EdiTor software: allows you to link other Thrustmaster peripherals (so they are recognized as one USB device) and upload and create additional map profiles for each game. Create your own profiles to improve Thrustmaster Flight Simulators and share them with the Thrustmaster community at http://support.thrustmaster.com.

- Compatible with T.Flight Rudder Pedals
- Compatible with TWCS Throttle
- Compatible with MFG Cougar Pack
- Compatible with T.16000M FCS

Package Contents: joystick

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Tech Specs

Technical Specification


Nr. of pcs in package 1
Weight (kg) 1.6800
Dimensions (cm) 20x21x24
Length (cm) 24


Thrustmaster joystick T16000M FCS for PC

Thrustmaster joystick T16000M FCS for PC

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