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Thank you very much gear-up and special thanks to Michal. I am very happy with my flying machine and its running my simulators very very well. The support I got was endless until everything was perfect. Great machine, excellent support and a very happy customer. Thanks again : )

Peter Ramsay

After gaming on a laptop for so long, its hard to see how I survived without a proper gaming beast :p I'll share some pictures onto your Facebook pages time line. Once again thank you so much!

Troy Rogers

Everything is working perfectly fine. That cable management is an art! I absolutely love it. I'm literally filled with joy! Thanks for all the awesome work you've done!

Hamdan Al Hajeri

Gear-up.me was able to supply the exact components for my new HTPC built that I was looking for, and at a competitive price. They also helped me with validating the configuration and with selecting the right cooling solution, while keeping the total order within my original budget. They made me feel confident that the components I had selected would "just work together".

Maarten Boekhold, Lead Technical Consultant

I had some really hard to find items and I was extremely happy that GearUp found those for me and was able to deliver it literally to mydoor-step. I can truly recommend Gear Up to all shoppers within theMiddle East - they are definitely my favorite online shop to use!

Jowell Gusi, Graphic Artist

I think that Gear Up is actually the only proper IT shop in the Middle East. You can see that its ran by people, who know, what they are doing - so rare in our region. Yalla, Gear Up, bring it up!

Ahmed Zulfiqar, Customer

This was the only shop where I felt OK buying computer for my son. Good price and good people.

Shadi Shazad

I would like to thank you for the amazing service and the amazingly robust build your provided. i would like to also thank you for providing the original packaging of all the parts (MOBO, GPU, COOLING SETUP, CPU) although i didnt ask for it. i was planning to ask and i forgot and was happily surprised to see them with Micheal today. i would like to thank also Micheal for his help in building up this computer and delivering this product himself and showing excitement while providing his service. As for pictures, sadly i don't have a Facebook account :P but would be glad to send you pics of the build if your interested (PC with the TV, router and my whole gaming build :) ). I am very glad to have chosen this company for my build for all the good reasons. thanks to the support team and Micheal for helping me with advice on the build and making up my decision. Will definitely recommend this company to any of my friends who plan to make their own build (whether low or high end). And in case i want to update next year will definitely choose this company. Good luck with your business and keep up the amazing work fellows :D. Note: IM IN LOVE WITH THE BUILD

Mahmoud Ali

I love shopping at Gear Up, because they are always advising me.

Arvin Cruz

I am not interested in reading and studying to get the best IT stuff for the money I wish to spend - I just want to get the best, now! And I have to say that I was impressed by Gear Up, because they found, recommended, gave me options. Everything was fast and very efficient. I'm not sure how they've done it, but for the first time in my life, I am really persuaded that I bought the best IT stuff (and that I was not fooled by someone who just abused my lack of IT knowledge). I can recommend Gear Up and I will return very soon to by other things.

Dean Snyder