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Solar panel Viking 30W


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In Stock 1-3 pcs

In Stock 1-3 pcs

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Solar charging panel for all your electronic devices. Thanks to high-quality monocrystalline cells with an efficiency of min. 22%, can convert sunlight into solar energy much more efficiently than many of its competitors. The VIKING 30W solar panel is an ideal, small and light helper, anywhere on your travels. You will no longer have to rely on el. plugs.
Attach it during your trip, using aluminum carabiners, to your backpack, bike, tent and you can charge a power bank, headlamp, camera, camera, flashlight and any other small electronics on your trips, trips, cottage, by the water or in a campsite.

1. High efficiency of solar, monocrystalline panels (min. 22%).
2. Highly resistant, water-resistant polyester weatherproof caseprotecting solar panels from damage.
3. Solar panels have the function of automatic start of charging after connecting the el. device.
4. Thanks to the mesh on the sides, water-resistant polyester canvas, the solar charger is easily attached to anything, for convenient charging (to a backpack, bag, bike, tent, etc.)
5. Thanks to the high efficiency of converting solar energy solar panels into electric energy, you can charge all your small devices including Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, Sony, Panasonic, GOPRO, etc.

The three USB output ports are compatible with almost all, small el. devices that are powered via USB ports. Just use the appropriate USB adapter for your device, such as micro-USB, mini-USB, PSP, USB-C, Nokia, and using the Apple Lightning connector, you can also charge Apple devices.

This control unit automatically determines the ratio between voltage and current, thus ensuring the most optimal and safe charging of your electronics. In this way, it also makes maximum use of the efficiency of the solar panel.

What is the difference between a monocrystalline and a polycrystalline solar panel for the end user?
Advantages of polycrystalline sol. panel: Higher yield of electricity production. energy from scattered light (unfavorable light conditions, indirect solar radiation)
Advantages of monocrystalline sol. panel: Slightly greater efficiency of cells in direct sunlight.

Basic specifications:
Model: Viking 30W
Power: 30W
Solar panel type: PET monocrystalline solar panel
Number of solar panels: 3
Output voltage/current 1: USB 5V/2.4A
Output voltage/current 2: DC 19V/1.5A
Efficiency of sol. panel: min. 22%
Weight: 1.2Kg
Automatic charging start: YES
Smart chip for charge control: YES
Material: polyester waterproof fabric
Certification: CE, FC, Rohs
Durability: IPX5
Dimension of closed sol. Panel: 366 * 200 * 35mm
The size of the open sol. Panel: 840 * 366 * 20mm
Accessories: Carabiners, connecting DC cable, set of reducers

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