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Powerball Signature


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Quite exceptional model Powerball has a spectacular illumination of whitish smoke inside the transparent container. Of course there is a digital tachometer. Signature Series has an extremely smooth running and one word is the tip of the Powerball.

What is the Powerball ...
Does the size of a tennis ball, about the same weight, and you can do amazing things. This is the Powerball, the world most sophisticated handheld gyroscope, Ketra through precise technology reaches speeds up to 15,000 revolutions per minute, and gives resistance equal to the weight of over 18 kg. Who will dominate, will love him, and almost to become dependent on it. Fantastic way works the muscles of arms and not only that it delivers results in the formation of muscle in the rehabilitation and everyday practice, but is also an exceptional psu of entertainment and competition.

How Powerball works ...
Powerball works on the principle of the gyroscope. It ball rotating around an axis whose ends are connected to the steel ring. Quick spin powerball has rotational stability, high torque and tendeci remain in their original position, resulting in resisting forces towards the tilt axis, and a movement perpendicular to the applied force. This means that the strength of your hand increases the rotation Powerball, but at the same time it increases his resistance, so it gives the impression that you are holding a live object that always responds to the movement of your hand. ¨

Who is the intended Powerball ...
Powerball is widely used in strengthening and rehabilitation for sports such as golf, tennis, cycling, climbing opportunities for players to string, wind and keyboard instruments and computer operators and other workers, for whom the computer keyboard basic tool. Each of them will appreciate the benefits that the use Powerball.
No other exercise, tools or equipment is not as rapid and significant influence on the formation and strengthening of fingers, hands, wrists and arms. In addition, the powerball invaluable ability to release and strengthen the shoulder.
When the Powerball grow familiar with and learn to use it, you will feel the effect immediately and daily growth performance and strength.
In the field of rehabilitation has powerball role, especially in dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI (hand disability incurred while working with the computer keyboard).

Use the Powerball!
Using the Powerball is truly versatile:

for training and strengthening