Amid all of the hype about solid state drives, IT consumers might begin to assume that the regular hard drive is obsolete. They would be wrong. While solid state drives have hard drives beat for sheer performance, the fact remains that a regular hard drive may be a better all around pick for loads of computer users.

The reason for this comes down, essentially, to bang for buck. Solid state drives are still considerably pricier than HDDs, and they don’t pack as many gigabytes even at the same price point. An HDD of 500 GBs will pretty much always be considerably cheaper than a solid state drive of 500 GBs.

WD10EZEX HDD available

So IT consumers may well decide that a hard drive with beefy GBs will serve them better than a fancy state-of-the-art solid state drive. At, one of our best sellers is Western Digital’s 1TB Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX. It’s not hard to see why when you examine this HDD’s features. The price, performance and GB count are the perfect combo most home or office computer users are seeking.

With a plethora of drives on the market weighing in at 2TBs (not to mention NAS systems), the 1TB of the Western Digital Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX may seem underwhelming. However, if PC users actually looked at what they can store in a TB, they would quickly see that it offers more than enough space for their files. The Western Digital Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX utilizes SATA 3 technology to enable spin speeds of 7,200RPM with a 64MB cache. These numbers are not out of this world, but they will likely meet the demands of everyday PC use. (This drive is also backwards compatible with SATA 2.)

The read and write speeds of HDDs admittedly pale in comparison to those of the solid state drives available today. However, most home and office PC users will find the speeds of drives like the Western Digital Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX totally adequate for their needs. According to some tests, the sequential reads for this drive clock in at 159MB; sequential writes are at 155MB. The 512k reads have been tested at 57MB; writes at 103MB. (It is noteworthy that the sequential write speed is higher than that of some solid state drives on the market.) It is important for PC users to install a drive that does not generate a lot of noise.

Western Digital Harddrives

Your PC cooling fans will inevitably emit some noise as they spin, so you don’t want to add any annoying humming of buzzing on top of that. One way to decide if an HDD is quiet enough is to see if it can be heard operating over your PC’s fans. The Western Digital Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX passes this test; it cannot be heard over most PC’s fans except for a few moments during boot. Western Digital also offers drives with larger capacity; a purple line for surveillance systems; the red line for NAS systems; and the black line for performance-demanding systems. All of these are available for purchase on the product pages. If you have questions about finding the right drive for your PC, contact our helpful staff @ [email protected].