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And here are few tips how to select proper laptop for your puprose:  

Are you looking for a new laptop and not sure where to start? Ask our experts and they will advise you exactly what laptop is the best for your needs (and budget). Or read the article below.

What to Consider When Choosing a Laptop

Processor (CPU)

For processor the most important parameters to look for are the frequency and number of cores.

  • If you are going to run office applications, check your social media feeds or just surfing the Internet to study and learn new things, a less powerful processor will do the work.
  • For gamers and/or people planning to chase more demanding tasks we'd recommend to choose 4 or more cores processors. Seach for example for Intel i5 and i7 processors

Grafics Card (GPU)

  • Every-day tasks and watching cute cats videos on youtube can be handled by integrated graphics card.
  • If you are the one who actually creates the cute cats videos or a hardcore gamer shooting cute cats to score points you should go for dedicated graphics card.

Size of the Memory (RAM)

The higher the RAM capacity, the more tasks can be handeld by your laptop at the same time.

  • For common users who do just few things at once typically 4 to 8GB of RAM is enough.
  • For people like us who run 300 browser windows, 15 excel sheets, Skype, Whatsapp, photo editor, and more, the optimum capacity is 16GB RAM and more.

Type and Capacity of the Data Storage 

Laptops (same as desktops) can contain single or multiple hard drives and its variety - HDDs, SSDs, or SSHDs.

  1. HDDs contain moving parts, are relatively cheap, and can store large amounts of data (games, music, movies, TV shows). The down side is that they are slower and not shock resistant.
  2. SSDs have no moving parts, they are super-fast, and for that they are more expensive than HDDs. They are as well shock resistant so great for those who travel and hit their laptop now and then. 
  3. SSHD drives are hybrid drives - an HDD with additional SSD memory for frequently used data, which help to reduce loading time of applications and OS.
  • Today we recommend a combination of SSD (for OS and most used application) and HDD for larger and less used data. 


Here is important to consider both the type of a display and the maximum resolution.

  • The display type can be glossy, matt or anti-reflective.
    • With glossy display you will see brighter colors, but it as well reflects a lot of ambient light whoch can be distractive.
    • The matte or anti-reflective reflection display eliminates the reflection and it is recomended for travelling.
  • The higher the resolution, the finer the picture - Full HD and 4K resolution are more suitable for working with graphics, pictures or playing games and watching movies.

Image technology is also something to consider - most common are TN and IPS displays. With TN display you can save some money. It has high brightness and fast response times but the viewing angles aren't that big. An IPS display then offers the opposite - more realistic colours and wide viewing angle but gives lower contrast and slower response time. 

What if you are looking for Gaming Laptops?

The ideal guideline for choosing a gaming laptop is the price - with cheaper machines, less demanding games are great but newer games may need to be played with lower resolutions. Higher prices then increase your power and you will play the most exacting games to their full extent, depending on your laptop's parameters. When choosing, focus mainly on the processor and graphics card. If you intend to tap into virtual reality, CoR support also plays an important role.