March 22nd marks a milestone when most schools in the UAE start piloting e-learning. The distance learning forced upon the education system by the shadow of Coronavirus. 


Being a responsible parent you probably don't want to run around malls looking for PC, laptop or tablet just to find out that the options are very limited in UAE retail stores. Especially when you know that there is easier way and everything can be done from the comfort of your home. 

We, at, have prepared this simple directory to assist you to take your child to the next level and help them study online as well as impress their friends with new gaming machines. Not only can they excel in completing their school projects but with a new device from their gaming skills can reach new levels!

Here are quick links to our best sellers and popular categories:

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4) Tablets

If you are new to shopping with you should know that these are the standard benefits you get when purchasing PC or any other product from us:

  • Free extended 2 years warranty
  • Lifetime support for upgrades
  • One company providing all the support (we are not a market place full of random resellers)
  • Dedicated experts on the phone or email ready to guide you through your purchase

Please contact the sales department and connect with Lidel for inquiries: 04 258 0472 or through WhatsApp 056 394 6164