In mid-September Nvidia launched its Turing-based consumer GPUs, introducing the PC gaming world to real-time, in-game ray tracing. We’ve covered the Nvidia cards and one of MSI’s 2080 releases. Let’s take a look at a card from another popular manufacturer, Zotac.

zotac rtx 2080 ti

The Technical Specs

You’ll have plenty of 2080 and 2080Ti choices already. What does the AMP Edition from Zotac offer? It’s increasingly difficult for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the founder’s cards released by Nvidia, but Zotac is giving it a good go with the AMP Edition.

It’s a big card at more than 300mm long, and its cooler is big too at 2.5-size in width so you need a fair bit of space to house it. But you get a huge 11 GB in GDDR6 memory which runs at the default 14Gbps. The card comes shipped in overclocked guise of 1,665Mhz, only up 30 Mhz compared to the founder’s card, but every little bit makes a difference.

Overall the card is more or less sturdily built but it doesn’t offer much in visual pizzaz with a whole lot of grey plastic all around. You get the option to SLI and both dual six-pin power connectors and a single eight-pin PCIe adaptor.

zotac rtx 2080 ti specs

How does it perform?

Extensive testing of the Zotac RTX 2080Ti AMP Edition running against the Nvidia’s 2080Ti founder’s edition shows that there’s not a huge difference, but the Zotac comes out ahead. On average the Zotac AMP Edition gets you about 4.5% more in terms of frame rates, and it looks to be the fastest consumer GPU on the market at the moment.

This higher performance is down to the slightly higher clock speed, in part. But it is more notably down to the fact that the AMP Edition is a bigger card than Nvidia’s founder’s edition, offering better cooling and as a result more able to run at maximum speeds for longer. Power consumption is a little bit higher too, but if you’re looking for the fastest 2080 Ti card out there, the Zotac is your best choice.

zotac rtx 2080 ti-1

Should you buy it?

If you want the fastest card money can buy, yes. You will easily run many titles at 4K without this card breaking a sweat. We can’t honestly recommend buying this card if your gaming needs max out at 1080p, but for high-end PC gamers, the Zotac RTX 2080Ti AMP Edition can make a good buy, especially if you want to buy once without constantly upgrading – this card will support high-end gaming for years to come.