We stock plenty of MSI products at Gear-up.me and there’s a good reason for that: MSI often offers excellent value for money thanks to quality, honest products that last. Is the MSI Optix MAG241C another top MSI product? Let’s take a look.


Smooth refresh rates

There are plenty of picture quality elements that make for an immersive gaming session and screen refresh rates is one of the least discussed. Yet screen refresh rates matter because it ensures smooth motion. The best screens support 144hz refresh rates.

Not every screen that advertises 144hz refresh rates deliver a true 144hz experience, but the MSI Optix MAG241C is an affordable screen that offers AMD FreeSync compatibility alongside 144hz rates. Pair the screen with capable graphics cards and you’ll get ultra-smooth gaming.


What else?

If you like curved panels, you’ll like the MAG241C. It’s 24” diagonal as you’d expect and it uses VA (vertical alignment) display technology so you get decent viewing angles. It features solid build quality including very narrow bezels which gives it a modern look.

You get the essential specs with this screen, no 4K or even 1440p – just straight-forward 1080p, but for many gamers that’s enough. You do get ultra-fast 1ms response rates alongside the 144hz refresh rate plus plenty of software tools from MSI, including MSI’s Gaming On-Screen Display which allows you to control your screen settings directly from the desktop. No need to fiddle with buttons.

How does it compare

Like we said this screen doesn’t have class-leading specs in every area, but class-leading specs is not essential for immersive gaming. Good refresh rates do, of course, help. Nonetheless compared to its peers the MAG 241C does pretty well, offering solid image quality even though image accuracy isn’t perfect out of the box.

With a 3000:1 contrast ratio thanks to its VA technology you get deep, immersive images. Though the screen is only 1080p the combination of fast refresh rates and high contrast ratio really boosts the overall gaming experience this screen delivers.

Where to buy the MSI Optix MAG241C?

From Gear-up.me of course! This screen offers excellent value and we just had to stock it. Check it out in the Gear-up.me store or contact us if this screen doesn’t quite fit your requirements and we’ll help you find the exact screen for your needs.