Google’s Chromecast is a hugely popular device. It’s cheap and makes it easy to turn any old TV into something smart. Plug in a Chromecast and your phone or laptop turns into a multimedia control panel – instantly casting any content on to your TV.

Google Chromecast 3

What’s new in version three?

Google made a solid leap between the original Chromecast and the second edition. What’s new in the third release? Many readers will be disappointed to hear that 4K casting did not make it to the Chromecast 3. Instead, the third release covers a couple of technical improvements, a minor aesthetic change or two plus the addition of Google Assistant compatibility.

Chromecast 3 Specs

Taking a closer look

The Chromecast 3 looks more or less the same as the Chromecast 2 with the exception of a difference in the Google logo, and the lack of the magnetic attachment between the HDMI cord and the device. Otherwise, it’s still a simple, flat disk with two ports – one for micro USB to supply power and one for an HDMI cable.

On-screen things are much the same, you get a slide-show of images curated by Google or your choice of Google Photos album. Chromecast still depends on your phone for almost all of its functionality, though Google claims it is 15% faster at responding, this time around.

Will the third-gen Chromecast benefit you?

If you watch a lot of 60fps content, it will. This is the one major technical upgrade from the Chromecast 2, the new Chromecast can display 1080p content at 60fps. Now, not many sources of content will display at 60fps, most providers such as Netflix use 24fps. However, replays of captured PC games, courtesy of YouTube, will display at the full 60fps for fast in-game action.

Google fans who love Google Assistant will like that fact that you can tell the Chromecast to play something from YouTube or Netflix, permitted you to have a Google Home speaker or Android phone which can pick up the instruction in the first instance, as the Chromecast does not include a speaker.

Should you buy a Chromecast 3?

It depends. We wouldn’t recommend changing a second-gen Chromecast, but if you don’t already have one a Chromecast is a very handy way to get content from your iOS, Android or Windows device to your TV. Most of all, it’s cheap. A Chromecast won’t break the bank, simple as that. For that reason alone, the Chromecast is easy to recommend.