Nokia Body+

What does it look like?

The Body+ looks like all other Nokia scales, they’re quite cool though with a glass top and a selection of colors including a blue-black tone and white. It’s a slim device the sits sleekly on your floor while measuring just 0.9” thick.

You can use the scale on your carpet, it comes with four feet included which simply attach to the feet already on the scale. According to Nokia the AAA batteries in the scale should make it through 18 months which is plenty but note that the batteries are not rechargeable, you need to buy a new set every now and again.

Nokia Body+ App

What’s it like to use?

A scale shouldn’t be complex, and we’re glad to say that the Nokia Body+ which works in combo with Nokia’s Health Mate app is actually pretty easy to use. You’re going to be delving into the app a lot, but it’s straightforward. Health Mate lists all your body measurements in order of taking them, alongside an easy to navigate dashboard.

In order to help you track matters, the app offers a range of wellness programs which you can adopt. For example, one program can improve your sleeping patterns over a two-month period while another wellness program is aimed at improving heart health.

Is the Body+ a good buy?

Most people will be using a scale anyway and the Body+ is not awfully expensive, nor does it take up a lot of space. You might as well plump down the money as it will help you keep better track of your body over time.

With the Body+ so good-looking and easy to set up we can easily recommend it. If you don’t want to use the Health Mate app you don’t need to because the scale does offer a standard readout. Yet much of the usefulness is in the user-friendly Health Mate app, and we think the two make a cheap, hassle-free combination that is hard to ignore. Give it a try!