Sure, you can install your expensive custom PC components in the cheapest PC case you can find. But cheap PC cases will put your components at risk: components simply won’t last as long as they otherwise would if the ventilation and protective measures of your case aren’t up to scratch. Besides, who wants to put expensive PC components in a tired-looking case?

Thermaltake Level 20 Series Cases introduces the Thermaltake Level 20 Series


Thermaltake is a well-known manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies and, of course, PC cooling equipment. The Level 20 series is a line of top-quality PC cases from Thermaltake. It’s an extensive line with cases that fit all requirements, ranging from micro ATX all the way to full-tower ATX cases. Let’s take a look at a few top models:

Thermaltake Level 20 Series Quick Specs

  • Thermaltake Level 20 VT Micro Chassis

    It’s just M-ATX in size, but the Level 20 VT Micro Chassis offers a lot in a small package. You get a 200mm fan installed in the front along with tempered glass panels with changeable panels that contain filters.

    Inside you get solid design thinking, including a tray that helps you hide away cables. You can even show off your liquid cooling hardware at the top of the case.
  • Thermaltake Level 20 Tempered Glass Edition Full Tower

    Need a lot of space? How about three chambers to house your components, all as part of one unit? This massive flagship model from Thermaltake is focused on ventilation, but also practicality as it features a tool-less locking mechanism.

    You get a PCI-E 3.0 riser cable, 14 LED RGB fans and 1 Riing Plus Digital Controller. It’s a powerhouse of a case and perfect for Dubai gamers who want only the best.

  • Thermaltake Level 20 GT RGB Plus Edition Full Tower

    Need space and top Thermaltake features, but don’t want to go overboard? Check out the RGB Plus Edition Full Tower chassis. You get bags of space as you’d expect from a full tower, with four tempered glass panels and two, hinged doors that are lockable.

    Compatible App

    Your case comes pre-installed with several Riing Plus RGB fans, and you can synchronise the RGB fans with Razor’s Chroma software. It’s plenty of the features of the Edition Full Tower, but in one compartment and at a lower price.


At the moment there are five cases in the Thermaltake Level 20 range. We aim to keep as many of the Level 20 cases in stock as we can. It’s plenty of choices and the choosing an option can be tricky, just get in touch with us if you’re not sure which Thermaltake case to buy.