Asus has decided to pat itself on the back with its new Powered by Asus campaign. The company doesn’t seem to be dropping anything new with Powered by Asus; it is really just collecting its awesome motherboards, graphics cards, storage drives, monitors and other PC gaming hardware in one place to lovingly highlight their features, the research and development that went into them as well as Powered by ASUS partners.

Powered By Asus gaming PC

Such impromptu self-congratulating from a lesser company might be questionable, but has been so consistently wowed by Asus products for years,  we don’t really mind. In our esteem, the company deserves the 3,000-plus awards they’ve won -- and they should proudly show off the fruits of their incredible research and development team.

Here are some of the excellent Asus IT and PC gaming items available on the product pages that live up to the Powered by Asus motto: “Technology as a work of art.”

Powered by Asus motherboards

For the last decade, Asus has been the leading maker of motherboards. They steadily innovate and provide consistently excellent performance from one generation to the next. Throughout the waves of trends that have come and gone, Asus has managed to sell 500 million motherboards since 1989, because custom PC builders and gamers have learned that this is the brand that they can trust time and time again.

Powered By Asus gaming PC

Powered by Asus graphics cards

Asus is also the best selling graphics card brand thanks in large part to its Auto-Extreme technology that produces GPUs through a 100 percent automated process for absolute reliability. PC gamers all the way up to the competitive pro level can vouch for Asus graphics card’s reliable cooling and their intelligent, intuitive software.

ASUS Graphics Cards - Powered By ASUS

Powered by Asus monitors

Asus has brought new, innovative technologies to PC gaming displays for years.

The company has thought and developed outside the box, reducing potentially dangerous blue light emission by up to 70 percent on its displays. Asus holds more TÜV Rheinland certifications from the display-testing authority than any competitor.

Powered by Asus storage drives

M-DISC™ is a special archive-grade storage technology supported by SUS optical drives to protects digital files. Asus M-DISK enables burning that engraves data in a patented, extremely resistant rock solid layer to keep storage safe for up to a millennium.

Powered by Asus PC games hardware

Asus produces high-end sound cards with extreme attention to detail. With high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), headphone amplifiers and advanced multi-channel surround sound, Asus sound cards can dramatically improve any PC entertainment or gaming audio experience. offers these and many more PC gaming items from Asus and other brands on our product pages.

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