Plenty of people who use PCs for gaming get along just fine with a standard office-style keyboard, the keyboard that’s shipped for free with most PCs. But you can get a lot more out of your PC gaming if you choose to buy a real gaming keyboard. What should you look for in a gaming keyboard? Read on to find out.

Gaming Keyboards

Membrane or Mechanical

Mechanical keyboards are known to be a lot more expensive because each key has a mechanical switch behind it. On the other hand cheaper membrane keyboards use two plastic membranes that trigger a keypress.
If you’re going to spend some extra cash on a gaming keyboard you should consider going for a mechanical model as these feel better to the touch and are often longer lasting. The actual mechanical switches matter too, try to find keyboards with switches from a German company called Cherry.

Gaming keyboard features

You’re looking at two main features with a gaming keyboard: extra keys MMO-keyboard style, and keyboard illumination. Basic MMO keyboards will get you an extra six keys which are typically configurable, while more advanced models can include up to 18 extra keys. It gives you an enormous amount of control over your gaming, ensuring you pace through the action quicker than you otherwise would with a standard keyboard.
Keyboard illumination might sound unnecessary, but if you’re frequently gaming in the dark the ability to see which key you’re hitting without squinting can make all the difference. Backlighting can come in the shape of a single color or full RGB lighting. Start off seeking out backlighting of any color, but if your case lighting is, say, already blue you may want to make sure you get a keyboard with blue backlighting.

Gaming Keyboard SS

Comparing Entry level and High end

So what can you get for your money? On the budget end, you could get some solid keyboard even though they may use membrane mechanisms. You could also look for a mechanical keyboard which has been replaced with a newer version. Companies to look out for in the budget range include Turtle Beach and Cooler Master.
Some of the better keyboards cost a little more, but you don’t need to spend a huge amount to get a solid keyboard from a company like Corsair or Razer. At the midrange price point, you can get some extra macro keys and a mechanical mechanism. Whether you want to spend bigger money on a top Logitech or Corsair model is up to you, it just depends on the overall amount you spent on your gaming rig.
Either way, check out the range of gaming keyboards here.