Your memory modules won’t make or break performance on your PC, but they can make a difference and you want to buy reliable, but well-priced memory kits. That said, memory modules needn’t be bland slices of silicon – instead, some of the more interesting options feature tuneable RGB lighting.

Trident Z Royal Gold

DDR4 modules with an RGB light bar

Can’t choose between all the boring-looking memory kits? Well, G.SKILL has something up its sleeve with the Trident Z Royal series. The modules feature a light bar running across the module that offers 8 zones of RGB lighting fixed on top of the heat spreader.
It looks pretty cool because the light bar scatters light across the module, which looks great alongside the silver or gold polished heat spreaders. You even get a microfibre cloth to help keep those heat spreaders clean without scratches!

Tune your lighting

The modules connect with G.SKILL-supplied software which allows you to edit the colors on the modules using eight custom-control zones. Though it doesn’t look as if the software integrates with other custom PC software you can still make your G.SKILL modules match up with the rest of your PC using the G.SKILL software.

Trident Z Royal Silver

Are the modules any good for a gaming PC?

Yes, it’s not just a pretty module, these chips come with serious specifications too. It supports DDR4-4600Mhz memory speeds and is built using a high-spec PCB to ensure reliability. The Trident Z Royal range also comes in a range of kit sizes – you can buy as little as 16 GB or as much as 128GB.

Should I buy G.SKILL’s latest memory kit?

It’s a reasonably-priced option, but not everyone will like the shiny look of these modules. Check out some pictures of the modules before you buy and decide whether it’s a look you like. Otherwise, the modules should perform just as they need to, so there’s nothing to worry about there.