While chasing after FPS and other PC performance metrics it’s easy to skip on the importance of cooling. But good cooling solutions can help your PC keep at max FPS for longer and make sure your components don’t fail prematurely. Asus recently released their Ryujin and Ryuo coolers. Let’s take a look.


Liquid Cooling from Asus

Everyone knows Asus well for their GPUs and mainboards but the company also makes a range of accessories, including coolers and PSUs – Asus recently launch a top PSU range called Thor. However, the Ryujin and Ryuo are closed-loop cooling systems that use the 6th-generation pump designs from cooling experts Asetek.

Asus Ryujin

Of course, it being Asus’ ROG line, you can expect a couple of extra features with these coolers. First, you get fully addressable RGB effects alongside an OLED screen under the LiveDash banner. These effects aside, the new Asus coolers are pretty similar to most designs.

Radiators use a standard size and the units use aluminum fins, whereas a copper design would have offered better heat dissipation. The fans on the units are from Noctua and spin at 2,000 RPM. They’re solid if not exceptional fan units.

Asus AIO Noctua

How do the Ryujin and Ryuo perform?

Asus has done a good job offering cooling kits that can easily handle an overclocked Core i7 8700K. Though you can find coolers at lower prices the overall feature set of these Asus units are top-notch. For some, the 1.8” OLED display on the pump unit will be a big selling point because it is so customizable.

We also think you will like the RGB effects, and the braided tubes are easy to bend making fitment easy. Though the Ryuo itself is a little bit loud under load the overall product from Asus is worth checking out. Easy to assemble, nice to look and very effective. What more could you want?