We reviewed Western Digital hard drives before and concluded that they are a good, affordable pick for a lot of PC builders. We have drastically reduced the price of our Western Digital HDDs and added some of them to our Today Shipping inventory, they are an even smarter choice than ever before.

While the price of solid-state drives (SSDs) is, admittedly, coming down lately, traditional mechanical drives still offer the most storage space for the money.

How to select HDD Western Digital

On the other hand, SSDs offer a decided edge in performance. SSDs do not enable processor-bound workloads to run with greater speed; however, they do make a remarkable difference in the time it takes to load applications and transfer files.

The upshot is that for most PC users doing ordinary workloads, a high-performing SSD won’t hurt, but it may be overkill -- and it may require them to spend a lot more than they need to.


At gear-up.me, one of our best sellers is Western Digital’s 1TB Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX. It’s not hard to see why when you examine this HDD’s features. The price, performance and GB count are the perfect combo most home or office computer users are seeking.

The Western Digital Blue hard drive model WD10EZEX utilizes SATA 3 technology to enable spin speeds of 7,200RPM with a 64MB cache. These numbers are not out of this world, but they will likely meet the demands of everyday PC use. (This drive is also backward compatible with SATA 2.)

According to some tests, the sequential reads for this drive clocks in at 159MB; sequential writes are at 155MB. The 512k reads have been tested at 57MB; writes at 103MB. (It is noteworthy that the sequential write speed is higher than that of some solid state drives on the market.)

Western Digital also offers drives with larger capacity; a purple line for surveillance systems; the red line for NAS systems; and the black line for performance-demanding systems.

Western Digital Harddrives

We offer a two-year warranty on these drives; we will replace your Western Digital hard drive for up to two years after purchase provided there is no mechanical damage.

All of these are available for purchase on the gear-up.me product pages. If you have questions about finding the right drive for your PC, contact our helpful staff at [email protected]