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The new Apple AirPod wireless earbuds promise seamless hardware-software integration in a small, simple and highly portable package. These Bluetooth capable earbuds sync with Apple’s iPhone and with its Siri personal assistant.

Apple Airpods

At first glance, it may be hard to see how these small devices shaped like tiny hairdryers could stay put in your ears, especially while walking or jogging -- but they do. The unique contours of the AirPods settle them inside the ear comfortably, and the absence of tugging, snagging cords actually seems to make them less prone to wiggle out.

The AirPods are set up with a single tap on your iPhone, literally. You physically set the AirPods down next to the iPhone and a prompt appears on-screen asking if you would like to connect. You tap and it’s done. After that, use is a breeze with no knob fiddling; you simply put them in your ears, and they are automatically connected to your iPhone. There is a special control center for switching to listen to audio on an iPad.

Simply double-tapping an AirPod activates Siri by default. It is possible to change this setting -- to play and pause music instead, for instance -- and it will still be possible to talk to Siri through the built-in microphones in the stems.

When one AirPod is removed, the one left in your ear switches to mono, so it is possible to listen with just one bud. That is obviously not ideal for music, but might be handy for audiobooks or podcasts when you’d like to keep one ear available for whatever reason.

Apple Airpods

This is a good place to mention that AirPods’ price is not proportionate to their sound quality. Now, they don’t have poor quality sound by any means. If you are happy with the sound from the EarPods that came with your iPhone, you will be happy with AirPods’ sound -- but then those were included free with the phone. If super premium sound is your priority, there are earbuds on the market for half the price of AirPods that deliver more.

If, however, you want the whole package of wireless audio that automatically connects to the iPhone, iPad or Siri, and a Bluetooth (with really good background noise reduction) for hands-free calls, AirPods offers all of that in one, tiny package.

The diminutive size and sleek design of AirPods is only really convenient up to the point where you need to do something not on the menu of taps. It’s great that you can pick the defaults from within a certain range, but unfortunately volume is not one of them. The only way to turn volume up or down is manually with your iPhone or to verbally ask Siri to do so through the microphone. This isn’t too much of a bother since your phone is probably always within reach, but it does seem that Apple could have built in additional touch controls like strokes or holding.

Apple Airpods

AirPods come in a small case that doubles as a battery charger and looks a lot like a dental floss dispenser (a Lightning cable is included for powering it). With a full charge, the AirPods provide about five hours of listening; the charging case kicks in enough power for 24 hours more.

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