’s custom gaming PC configurator could possibly be the quickest, easiest way ever to build a PC. It is an intuitive IT expert, shopping cart and review in one. It allows users to build their dream PC with instant, one-click parts-swapping. The page itself seamlessly updates to reflect the changes -- not just the price, but the detailed features section and gaming performance review.


The PC configurator is perfect for shoppers looking to pick a PC and check out quick as well as custom-build enthusiasts who know what they want and won’t compromise.

Our PC configurator offers you only compatible items and you can select from more than 15 pre-configured PCs and adjust them according to your budget and to your satisfaction.  

You can start by selection form one of the following catogories:


PC Configurator - PC based on AMD Ryzen


PC Configurator - PC Powered by ASUS


PC Configurator now available


The PC configurator consists of several sections that reconfigure themselves just as the user reconfigures the PC.


PC header


The first section at the top of the page is the PC header. Each header describes the basic configurable PC type. Varieties like Apocalypse, Venom, etc. are pre-optimized to meet different PC builders’ desires such as speed or value.

PC Configurator header

Hardware configurator


This is where users take the driver’s seat and cruise a scenic route of varied hardware options . gives shoppers an initial assist by dividing the options into two settings: default and recommended. Default gives the best set of options for budget-minded PC builders; the recommended settings are Gear-up’s top picks for rocketing performance to the stratosphere.


Pick your parts from processor to graphics card to cooler to operating system, etc. The starting default price will go up or down depending on your choices.

Hardware configurator

Floating review


The floating review sidebar keeps track of each change made to the configuration. Every switch and swap is reflected in price, estimated shipping date, and the linked configuration summary.

Gaming PC review

Custom PC builders can also print, email or save configurations for easy reference and comparison. The Gear-up technical team’s phone number is provided to help customers make selections.  


With the perfect PC custom configured, customers simply add it to their shopping cart.


Description panels


Full color visual description panels morph as the PC configurations change. Standout features of the PC are highlighted. Special graphs even show how the system would perform on some of the hottest PC games today.


Gaming PC performance

Special features


PC builders can dive deep into the unique features of their build here.

PC Configurator - Special features

Final review


The last section of the PC configurator provides a full rundown of technical specifications of’s recommended PC configuration and other details.


And you’re done!’s PC configurator can subtract hours of research and calls to support for custom PC builders. Gear-up’s experts have compatibility checked all of the options in the hardware configurator. Compatible PC hardware options are placed at the customer’s fingertips.


Our experts assemble the PCs and subject them to a 24-hour stress test. We offer lifetime support for your PC -- in addition to a one-year (or optional two-year or three-year) warranty.


It has never been so easy to configure your gaming PC in a single shot on one easy, intuitive webpage. Visit the PC configurator page and start building your perfect PC right now.


Questions about custom PC building, choosing parts or general IT topics? Contact our expert IT staff with all your questions @


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