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LRP quadrocopter H4 Gravit Micro 2.0 set, 130 mm, RC set 2.4GHz


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RC quadrocopter set with 4-channel RC 2.4GHz kit, 1x LiPo battery 300mAh and charger fully ready for flight. Arm width 130mm, weight 44g.

Our micro quadrocopter with excellent flight characteristics is designed to survive rough handling. The design of high-quality flexible plastic protects all parts of the model against damage and at the same time gives this quadrocopter an unmistakable look that will attract many observers. Thanks to the quality control unit, this model is very stable, but it can also be very lively. You can set the MODE1 - for beginners or MODE2 - aerobatic mode by changing the flight mode.

The 2.4GHz four-channel transmitter in Mode 2, which can be set to "auto-throw" direction, comes with the model. The model is also equipped with illumination to make the model fly even in the dark. Lighting can be switched on/off remotely from the transmitter.

The control unit is located on one board together with a 2.4 GHz receiver, a gyro system and speed controllers. Like a propeller, it is protected by a durable plastic against damage.

The LiPo 240 mAh/25C LiPo battery delivers power to the quadrocopter for 5 to 8 minutes of flight. The model is supplied with one power accumulator. The charger is powered by a USB connector to charge the two batteries at the same time.

To get the model up and running, you will need to buy 4 AA alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries.

RC set H4 Gravit Micro includes:
completely assembled quadrocopter model
2.4 GHz four-channel transmitter
1x LiPo battery 300 mAh/25C
4x replacement propeller
charger of the accumulator
USB charger power cable.

Length: 210 mm
Support rotor diameter: 63 mm
Weight: 44 g
Height: 35 mm
Controlled functions: M (4), Kl, Kp, Vr
Construction cost: S0
Flight challenge: P0


LRP quadrocopter H4 Gravit Micro 2.0 set, 130 mm, RC set 2.4GHz

LRP quadrocopter H4 Gravit Micro 2.0 set, 130 mm, RC set 2.4GHz

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