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iHealth VIEW Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Meter


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Measure your blood pressure in the comfort of your home or anywhere on the road with the iHealth VIEW BP7s compact wrist strap. He also detects the heart rate and alerts you to possible arrhythmias. The readable LED display with backlight displays the currently measured values, and the actual memory stores 120 measurements. The pressure gauge is activated automatically to help you find the optimal position for measurement. Self-inflating and inflamed wrist cuffs.

The iHealth VIEW BP7s gauge can be easily launched from the iHealth MyVitals smartphone and tablet application. In addition, it offers a long-term view of the development of measurement results not only from the barometer, but also from other iHealth devices, such as smart personal balances, fitness trackers or oximeters. You can find details of your body in one place.

High-precision measurement results have been validated by clinical trials, the gauge has been awarded CE certification for medical devices.

Clinically accurate results in the comfort of home
The smart iHealth VIEW pressure gauge is designed for personal use. The pressure measurement is carried out on the wrist using an oscillometric method. In addition to systolic and diastolic pressure, iHealth VIEW also measures heart rate with a waveform display and can detect cardiac arrhythmia. iHealth VIEW has received CE certification for medical devices and the accuracy of the results has been verified by clinical trials.

Maximum easy and convenient measurement
Set the comfortable cuff on your wrist and pull it off with Velcro fastener. iHealth VIEW is automatically activated and the navigation arrows on the display help you find the optimal position for pressure measurement. Start the measurement yourself by holding the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds. During measurement, the cuff automatically inflates and blows off. Easier than a doctor and without stress, which can distort the results.

100% functional and non-smartphone
Unlike the previous version, iHealth VIEW works without a smartphone, so it is not necessary to run an application every time. The internal gauge memory keeps up to 120 measurements, and synchronization can be performed once per time in the interval as needed.

Immediate display of results on LED display
Currently measured values ​​show an integrated LED backlighting panel, which represents another significant improvement over the previous version. The display is easy to read even in direct sunlight, while the green color does not tingle the eyes even in the dark. In addition to the measurement results and the navigation arrows, the display shows both the synchronization with the smartphone and the iHealth VIEW battery status.

Long-lasting battery life
In addition to the display, the status of the battery also shows the applications. In advance, you will learn about the need to recharge it. Recharge the battery easily with the included mini USB cable and a standard phone charger or USB port on your computer. One battery can handle up to 80 measurements.

Measure your pressure anytime, anywhere
The compact design and modern design with no needless buttons make iHealth VIEW the ideal gauge for everyday use at home and on the go. You can also find a closable travel casein the package.

Long-term value tracking in iHealth MyVitals
With iHealth MyVitals, iHealth communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0 and connects automatically automatically after first pairing. In the application, of course, you can run iHealth VIEW with a single touch of the display and set up reminders for regular measurements.

Above all, however, iHealth MyVitals closely monitors and stores measured results in the long run. In clear graphs, for example, you can monitor the development of blood pressure or heart rate values ​​for a year, a week, and a single day. Individual values ​​are colored in accordance with the World Health Organization (WTO) classification.

Comprehensive monitoring of personal health condition and sharing of measured values
MyVitals is free iOS smartphones and tablets (from version to Android). It also manages results from other iHealth healthcare products, such as data fromsmart-weight analyzers and weights, fitness trackers, or oximeters. So you can find all the essential information about your body in a single place. Directly from iHealth MyVitals, the measured values ​​can be sent to friends, family or doctors in PDF, XLS, and CSV formats.

User accounts
Within the iHealth MyVitals application, you can measure values ​​one at a time, or set up a user account and keep the measured values ​​automatically stored in memory. On one device, you can create user accounts for multiple users and lead, for example, family records. Each user enters additional account details such as body height and age in your account to help you better evaluate your measured values.

Cloud account
By setting up your online user account on iHealth website and linking it to your mobile device with your account, you can also perform all of your work including monitoring your measured values ​​from your personal computer. If you lose or damage your mobile device, you will not lose your measured personal values. By simply linking multiple devices to an online account, such as a smartphone and a tablet, you can do the measurements with any of the connected devices and track the results on everyone else.

Package Contents: iHealth VIEW BP7s, rechargeable mini USB cable, travel case

Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Meter
Certification of CE as a health facility
Accurate results verified by clinical trials
Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate
Oscillometric measurement method
Integrated display with LED backlight showing current results and measurement progress
Internal memory for 120 measurements
Navigates the user to the optimal measurement position
Automatic activation of the device after the wrist
Self-inflating and blow-out and cuffs
IHealth MyVitals for devices with iOS and Android for free
Wireless transmission of measured values ​​to a mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0
During the measurement, it displays the heartbeat curve
Define multiple user accounts on a single mobile device
The ability to store, edit and view values ​​in a cloud account, access from a computer
Linking multiple mobile devices to a single user account

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Tool size (sleeveless): 72 x 74 x 17.6 mm
Display size: 44 x 26 mm
Weight: 120 g
The length of the sleeve corresponds to the circumference of the forearm above the wrist: 135 to 220 mm
Sleeve pressure range: 0 to 300 mm Hg
Measuring range: Sys: 60 to 260 mm Hg/Dia: 40 to 199 mm Hg/Temperature: 40 to 180 strokes per minute Accuracy: Pressure ± 3 mmHg/Temperature: ± 5%
Power supply: DC 5 V/1 A
Battery: 3.7 V Li-ion 400 mAh
Battery life: Approximately 80 measurements
Operating temperature and humidity: 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C, 20 ~ 90% RH

iHealth VIEW Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Meter

iHealth VIEW Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Meter