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iHealth LINA HS2 Smart personal weight


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The iHealth LINA HS2 smart personal balance will not only become a beautiful addition to your home, but it will allow for comprehensive monitoring and measurement of a range of vital values. He can do much more than just measure weight and BMI. What about planning a personal goal like that? For example, do you want to lose weight or muscle mass?

Combined with the iHealth Pressure Gauge, iHealth Daytime Activity and Sleep Quality Sensor and iHealth Pulse Oximeter, you get a wider view of your health, fitness and lifestyle. With iHealth MyVitals (free for iOS and Android devices), you can track and evaluate trends in the development of all the measured characteristics of your body and activities. Set the personal goal you want to achieve by a specific date. Keep track of it and get more motivational information. In practice, you will also appreciate the simple and clean weight design as well as the light weight.

Automatic transfer of measured values
The iHealth LINA HS2 smart personal balance automatically connects automatically with iHealth MyVitals on your iOS or Android mobile device or with your personal iHealth.com account to transfer all measured values.

Clear view of results
IHealth MyVitals displays all the measured values ​​of your body on the display. Valuable functionality is the display of graphs of long-term measurements and comparison of the currently measured values ​​with the long-term personal trend. Important weight is also shown by the bright LED panel. It is integrated directly into the weighing body.

Sharing measured values
Directly from iHealth MyVitals, you can send measured values ​​to friends, family, or doctors.

Comprehensive monitoring of personal health condition
IHealth MyVitals enables comprehensive monitoring of a range of vital values, physical activity and energy intake. This is linked to the functionality of planning personal goals, monitoring their performance, and planning specific activities.

Personal goals
iHealth MyVitals lets you define the goal of adjusting your physical condition for a given time. For example, the user enters: I want to lose weight by 5kg in three months, or I want to keep body weight, but increase my body weight by 2kg at the expense of fat in 5 months. Then you have charts of continuous fulfillment of your target and other motivation support.

Independence of measurement
If you do not have your mobile device at hand, do not mind. The iHealth LINA HS2 scales the last 200 measurements and displays your weight on your display. When it connects wirelessly to your mobile device anytime later, all data is transferred automatically.

User accounts
Within the iHealth MyVitals application, you can measure values ​​one time or set up a user account and have the device automatically stored in the memory. On one device, you can create user accounts for more people and lead, for example, family records. Each user enters additional variables such as body height and age in your account to help you better evaluate measured values.

Cloud account
By setting up your online user account on iHealth website and linking it with your account on your mobile device, you can also perform all of your work including monitoring your measured values ​​from your computer. If you lose or damage your mobile device, you will not lose your measured personal values. By simply linking multiple devices to an online account, such as a smartphone and a tablet, you can do the measurements with any of the connected devices and track the results on everyone else.

Features and Specifications:
Smart personal weight
It measures weight and BMI
Surface of tempered glass
LED display in the body of the balance
It works with iHealth MyVitals for iOS and Android for free
Wireless transmission of measured values ​​to a mobile device via Bluetooth 4.1
Define multiple user accounts on a single mobile device
Storage,edit and view cloud account values, access from your computer
Linking multiple mobile devices to a single user account
Choice of weight units: pounds/kilograms
Weight: 1750 g without batteries
Size: 310mm × 310mm × 26.5mm
Battery: 4x 1.5V AAA battery
Measurement method: automatic electronic measurement
Measured weight range: 5-180 kg

Package contents:
Smart Personal Weight iHealth LINA HS2
4x AAA battery
4x leg extensions