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iHealth CORE HS6 WiFi personal body analyzer


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The surface of tempered glass and the beautifully clean design will not be the only reason why iHealth CORE HS6 will become an ornament even for the most modern bathroom. This personal body analyzer measures not only the weight and percentage of body fat but, after connecting to the home WiFi network, in a few seconds, calculates in collaboration with iHealth MyVitals 2 other important body characteristics such as BMI, muscle and bone mass, fatty matter, water volume in the body and the ratio of internal body fat, with an accuracy comparable to many more expensive devices. In addition, it measures the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

All 9 measured body characteristics can be monitored for longer periods and monitored in clear graphs and tables for up to 10 different users who recognize CORE automatically. And if that not enough, you will be able to recommend daily calorie intake according to the goals you set, for example, if you want to keep the weight or reduce it.

Due to its accuracy and reliability, this product is certified CE as a healthcare facility.

Regularly tracking your weight and other physical characteristics is a must for not only active athletes but for all who really care about their health condition. Not only can it be easier to monitor the effectiveness of a balanced diet or physical activity through regular monitoring but, above all, it is possible to avoid a significant increase or loss of weight and prevent many other health risks. iHealth CORE HS6 uses non-invasive, fully electronic bioimpedance methodology.

Measured body characteristics:
BMI index
Percentage of body fat
Total non-fatty matter
Muscle matter
Bone matter
The volume of water in the body
The ratio of internal body fat
Daily calorie intake

Combine with iHealth MyVitals 2 on iOS or Android devices to display the curve of measured value development over time and compare it to current results. Set the personal goal you want to achieve by a certain date. Keep track of it and get more motivational information.

Automatic transfer of measured values
The iHealth CORE HS6 personal body analyzer automatically connects automatically with iHealth MyVitals 2 on your mobile device or with your personal iHealthlabs.com account to transfer all measured values.

Clear view of results and long-term trends
IHealth MyVitals 2 displays all the measured characteristics of your body on the screen. You will certainly welcome clear graphs and tables of long-term measurements and a comparison of the currently measured values ​​with a long-term personal trend.

Comprehensive monitoring of personal health condition
IHealth MyVitals 2 allows comprehensive monitoring and measurement of a range of vital values, physical activity and energy intake. This is followed by the planning of personal goals, tracking their performance and planning specific activities.

Personal goals
iHealth MyVitals 2 allows you to define the goal of adjusting physical fitness for a given time. For example, a user says he wants to lose 5 pounds in three months, or wants to keep his body weight, but to increase the muscle mass by 2 pounds to the expense of fat in 5 months. Then you have charts of continuous fulfillment of your target and other motivation support.

Up to 10 different user accounts
Within iHealth MyVitals 2, you can measure values ​​one time or set up a user account and keep the measured value device automatically in memory. Up to 10 user accounts can be created on one device, for example, keeping records of the entire family. Each user enters in his/her account other variables such as body height and age, which help to better evaluate and assign the measured values. Individual users then recognize iHealth CORE HS6 automatically.

Measurement independence and offline memory
If you do not have your mobile device at hand, do not mind. The personal body analyzer stores the values ​​of the posl