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iHealth BP5 Bluetooth Blood Pressure Meter


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IHealth Flag Blood Pressure Meter - Wireless BP5 allows you to conveniently find accurate blood pressure and heart rate values ​​at any time, anywhere. Combined with iHealth MyVitals (free for iOS and Android devices), you can display the pulse waveform and compare current measured values ​​with long-term records. On the mobile device display, you will see your status values ​​within a graphically graded classification accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The BP5 model is a flagship blood pressure monitor from the world leader in iHealth healthcare innovation. A comprehensively made compressor, although pleasantly lightweight and packed in a sleek small case, works very quickly. Combined with advanced electronics in a matter of seconds, blood pressure and pulse measurements will be carried out by an enlightened method - above the elbow. In addition, he needs so little energy that a small battery enters his case. With this mobile device, you can comfortably measure your values ​​anytime you travel away from home.

Comfortable measurements
Measurement of blood pressure and heartbeat has never been easier. Just press a single button on your phone or tablet display and it all goes automatically in the comfort of your home or anywhere on the go.

iHealth BP5 wirelessly connects with iHealth MyVitals on your iOS or Android mobile device. The iHealth BP5, weighing only 135 g, controlled by your smartphone or tablet application reliably measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure, displays the curve of your pulse and its current measured value.

Clear view of results
IHealth MyVitals displays the measured values ​​of your blood pressure and pulse on the display. Yes ther valuable feature is the display of graphs of long-term measurements and the comparison of the currently measured values ​​with the long-term personal trend. What is relevant is the display of your current status within a graphically graded classification accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sharing measured values
Directly from iHealth MyVitals, you can send measured values ​​to friends, family, or doctors.

Comprehensive monitoring of personal health condition
IHealth MyVitals enables comprehensive monitoring of a range of vital values, physical activity and energy intake. This is linked to the functionality of planning personal goals, monitoring their performance, and planning specific activities.

User accounts
Within the iHealth MyVitals application, you can measure values ​​one at a time, or set up a user account and keep the measured values ​​automatically stored in memory. On one device, you can create user accounts for multiple users and lead, for example, family records. Each user enters additional account details such as body height and age in your account to help you better evaluate your measured values.

Cloud account
By setting up your online user account on iHealth website and linking it to your mobile device with your account, you can also perform all of your work including monitoring the measured values ​​from your computer. If you lose or damage your mobile device, you will not lose your measured personal values. By simply linking multiple devices to an online account, such as a smartphone and a tablet, you can do the measurements with any of the connected devices and track the results on everyone else.

Features and Specifications: Measures systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate
Measurement location: standard - arms above elbow
Guided by iHealth MyVitals - Free for iOS and Android
Wireless transmission of measured values ​​to a mobile device via Bluetooth 3.0
During the measurement, it displays the heartbeat curve
Define multiple user accounts on a single mobile device
The ability to store, edit and view values ​​in a cloud account, access from a computer
Linking multiple mobile devices to a single user account
/> Device size (without sleeve): 14.5 x 5.8 x 3 cm
Weight (without sleeve): 135 g
The length of the sleeve corresponds to the circumference of the arm above the elbow: 22 - 42 cm
Sleeve pressure range: 0 - 295 mm Hg
Pressure accuracy: ± 3 mm Hg
Measured heart rate range: 40 - 180 beats per minute with accuracy ± 5% Compatibility: iOS and Android 2.3.3 and later

IHealth MyVitals is used to monitor the values ​​measured by various iHealth devices, to clearly visualize personal health trends, to determine physical activity and energy intake, to determine the goals you want within your fitness condition, and to monitor their performance, etc. choose whether to use the app, for example, only to measure pressure and store measured values, or use its wider options in conjunction with other devices. IHealth MyVitals is available for free.

iHealth MyVitals is available for devices running iOS and Android. As the iHealth brand is expanding, additional functionality is added to the application and the complexity of records on the health of the user is expanded.

Observed quantities and compatible devices
1) iHealth pressure gauges
BP3, BP5, BP7:
systolic and diastolic blood pressure
heart pulse

2) iHealth scales
HS3 and HS5:
BMI index
body fat
total fat free mass
muscle mass
bone mass
percent body water content
ratio of internal organ fat
daily calorie intake

3) iHealth Sensor for Daytime Activity and Sleep
daily number of steps
burned calories
travel distance
sleep range
sleep quality

4) Manual input
detailed exercise data - select from a preset activity database
Energy value of food received - Choice from a preset food database

View history in clear charts
iHealth MyVitals keeps all measured values ​​and displays them in clear graphs to keep track of trends in your physical condition. By activating a specific point in a graph, it is possible to display the exact numerical values ​​of the measurement.

User accounts
IHealth MyVitals allows you to define more users, enter their key data to assess their physical fitness, height and age, and track their measured values ​​and trends individually, for example, for the whole family.

Sharing measured values
IHealth MyVitals allows you to send the measured values ​​by email to your family, friends, or GP.

Cloud account
By creating an online user account on iHealth website and logging your mobile device to this account, you will automatically transfer the measured values ​​between the device and the online account. You can then perform all tasks, including monitoring the measured values, from your computer. In the caseof loss of or damage to the mobile device or its personal measured values. By simply linking multiple devices to an online account, such as a smartphone and a tablet, you can measure with any of your connected devices and track the results on everyone else.

Personal goals
iHealth MyVitals allows you to define the goal of adjusting your physical condition for a given time. For example, the user enters: I want to lose weight by 5kg in three months, or I want to keep body weight, but increase my body weight by 2kg at the expense of fat in 5 months. Then you have charts of continuous fulfillment of your target and other motivation support.

iHealth MyVitals has a tool for planning different user activities. For example, it reminds you that you need to measure your blood pressure, consider, exercise yourself, that you have not achieved the number of steps and steps that are good for your health yet, or that it is time to take a specific medication.

Verify compatibility at:
onclick = "return! window.open (this.href);"> http://www.ihealthlabs.com/support/