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iGET ACTIVE A8 - smart watch, IP68, GPS, BT4.0, 1.3 "displ., Multisport, 500mAh + 2x strap


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In Stock 3-5 pcs

In Stock 3-5 pcs

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Mobile phones - iGET ACTIVE A8 - smart watch, IP68, GPS, BT4.0, 1.3 "displ., Multisport, 500mAh + 2x strap

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The iGET ACTIVE A8 sports watch is the ideal partner for your workouts. Thanks to GPS, you can accurately measure the route during sports activities, you can swim with them and will keep you on track for a whole day on a hiking trip. And with the ability to sync with your phone, you can also answer calls or control music playback. It can measure parameters of your sports performance such as heart rate, distance traveled or calories burned, evaluate them using the app or back up in the cloud for a long time. White and red belt included. IP68 is a matter of course.

Ideal for casual athletes
For each training to be effective and you can push your limits further, you need to know how you are training - how much you have done or missed, how fast, at what pace, etc. That why iGET ACTIVE A8 is equipped with five different profiles depending on the type sportu. This will help you measure important parameters when running or walking, cycling, hiking, or training inside the gym.

Still legible even in the middle of sports enthusiasm
Do not stop in the middle of your activities to decipher the measured values on the dial. The iGET ACTIVE A8 has a large 1.3 ”display with a 240x240 px resolution that is full-touch. This allows you to see clearly the measured parameters during training or to easily adjust what you need by touching.

Small, yet powerful heart watch
To ensure reliable watch performance and to monitor all important parameters of your workout, they are equipped with the powerful MTK2503 AVE processor. Thanks to its ultra-small size, it does not affect the shape and weight of the watch, and also boasts an economical operation, so the watch lasts longer on a single charge.

Large memory for great results
Train, record your results and compare. With the internal 128 MB ROM, you can keep your workout results stored on your watch and not have to connect them to your computer every time. With 32MB RAM, you don't have to worry about slowing down because it will run as well as the best sprinters.

Always with you without frequent charging
Taking the watch from the charger, going to the training, coming back from the training, putting the watch into the charger… so no one would enjoy it! That why the iGET ACTIVE A8 is equipped with a 500 mAh battery. This ensures that the watch can handle daily use and several workouts in a row, so you don't have to deal with frequent charging. Real life depends on usage and may be lower.

GPS to get to your destination
Do you have a long bike training or do you go on a day trip? Measure your route even during such long-lasting activities. The iGET ACTIVE A8 is equipped with a GPS that accurately records your route, but can also measure your activity for up to 12 hours. You do not have to worry that the service will stop your mid-training, GPS will arrive with you to your destination and you will have a complete overview of your training.

Motivate yourself with your favorite music
Do not let yourself be constrained by moving the song, adjusting the volume, or pausing playback. You can even find and start your favorite song with the iGET ACTIVE A8. Pair your watch with your phone and be a DJ of your workout comfortably from your wrist!

Call for example in the middle of a run
The phone in your pocket, the earphones and the middle of the run did you remember that you didn't make an important call? With the iGET ACTIVE A8, you don't even have to lift your phone and still make calls. After pairing your phone with your watch, you can dial your contacts directly from your watch, so you don't have to interrupt any activity by catching your phone from your pocket or backpack.

Helping to achieve sport goals
If you are serious about training and are keeping a training diary through the Google Fit portal, for example, you will be thrilled to share measured values on those portals. This allows you to monitor the long-term development of your physical body and compare how much you are improving. At the same time, you can view the data in Health viOS.

For training and theater
Even when you go to the theater, iGET ACTIVE A8 doesn't have to be removed. You can easily adapt them to your outfit with the 2 interchangeable straps included.

And how many steps do you take each day?
Walking is the most natural movement we should not neglect, and at least 6,000 steps a day. But in the current sedentary way of life, this can sometimes be a problem. Measure your progress with the iGET ACTIVE A8 bracelet. He will honestly record your every step and motivate you to walk regularly.

They are not afraid of water
You can take your iGET ACTIVE A8 without worrying about your swimming training. They have a high degree of protection, IP68, which means they have no problem immersing in water. So if you forget your watch when entering the pool on your hand, nothing happens.

All in Czech and Slovak
Bracelet interface and application is fully in Czech and Slovak language.

Measure how it beats you
24-hour heart rate measurement is very useful for shifting your performance and losing weight. The iGET ACTIVE A8 bracelet handles this effortlessly, both dry and in water, without the need for an unpleasant chest strap. You can track your sweatpants directly on the wristband or on the phone through the app during training.

To sleep in pink
Do you wonder why you sometimes wake up as rebirth and sometimes as beat up? Try to measure your sleep quality with iGET ACTIVE A8. In the mobile app, it gives you information about the length of each phase of sleep (deep, light sleep, waking), from which you can find out what the cause is.

Perfect overview of everything
All measured parameters from training can be displayed on the wristband itself. The bracelet can also be paired with a mobile phone so you can view new notifications from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber or Skype, SMS previews and callers. After reading them, they are deleted by themselves and remain only in the phone. In addition, the bracelet also serves as a classic watch, as it shows the current time.

Handy application and storage
To get the most out of iGET ACTIVE A8, you need to pair it with iGET GO. It not only offers an overview of all sporting activities and measured values, but also allows you to adjust the wristband to your needs, connect it to the Cloud for data backup or update its firmware online. The application also allows you to view and evaluate your sports activities or share them with other portals such as the aforementioned Google Fit, etc. At the same time, you can view data in the Health app on iOS.

It keeps you active
As mentioned, the bracelet can monitor your sports performance, but it can also alert you to a lot. With special features, it gives you a signal, for example, if you have been sitting at your computer for too long or have not taken a long drink. With the app, you can track the bracelet when it wanders somewhere, or set up to 5 different notifications to alert you at a set time with sound and vibration.

Stay in touch with your phone permanently pairing
For successful pairing with your phone, the watch is equipped with wireless Bluetooth version 4.0 BLE. This has the advantage over conventional Bluetooth that it does not consume so much power to operate, but still works similarly to the classic. For fast data transfer, Bluetooth 3.0 is also available to help you synchronize your watch with your phone in a flash.

All measured data are for guidance only and cannot be used for medical purposes.

Technical parameters
Language: CZ, SK, DE, EN, PL, HU
Processor: MTK 2503 AVE
RAM: 32 MB
Internal memory: 128 MB
Display: 1.3 "TFT LCD
Resolution: 240 x 240 px
Controls: Touch
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE: Yes
Bluetooth 3.0: Yes
GPS: Yes
Watch color: Black with red lines
Tape color: 1x black and 1x red
Material: Silicone
Battery: 500 mAh
Operating time: 3-5 days when connected to the phone, up to 6 days without connection to the phone, up to12 hours on GPS
Product reference: iGET ACTIVE A8
Min. wrist circumference: 140 mm
Max wrist circumference: 245 mm
Product size: 265 x 48 x 15 mm
Product weight: 70 g
Pack dimension: 130 x 55 x 130 mm
Packaging weight: 261 g

Package contents
1x iGET ACTIVE A8 bracelet
1x black silicone strap
1x red silicone strap
1x USB charging cable
1x warranty card
1x user manual in EN/HU

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iGET ACTIVE A8 - smart watch, IP68, GPS, BT4.0, 1.3 "displ., Multisport, 500mAh + 2x strap

iGET ACTIVE A8 - smart watch, IP68, GPS, BT4.0, 1.3 "displ., Multisport, 500mAh + 2x strap

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