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Fitness bracelet U3 FIT blue


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The fitness bracelet reliably monitors personal activity throughout the day and night. In addition to the monitor of activity and sleep, in conjunction with the smartphone displays incoming calls, so even in sports you know who is calling without having to look at your smartphone.
Fitness bracelet is the easiest wearable device from a range of novelties.
A comfortable strap made of flexible elastic material sits well on the hand and is comfortable to touch. The fitness bracelet has a small OLED monochrome display showing not only the current and measured values ​​of your activity, but also incoming Caller ID incoming calls.
It is a wearable device that combines activity monitor and smart watch (mobile device notifications). By using the latest technology, the user tries to ensure the highest accuracy of activity measurement while at the same time bringing the greatest comfort during his personal activities.
Tracking personal activity throughout the day
• Monitor and measure every step you take, burned calories, and total activity time
• Progressive values ​​achieved during exercise and duration of activity are displayed on the OLED display
• The current activity values ​​are displayed directly on the OLED display and of course you can find them in the Day Day band mobile app
Monitor sleep • Monitor your sleep as the right monitor for your activity. Sleep mode switches automatically and wakes you in the morning with a silent alarm (vibration) so you do not disturb your surroundings
Notification and time
• In addition to being a full monitor of activity and sleep, in conjunction with a mobile phone, it can notify the user of an incoming call. The OLED display shows Caller ID during a call. The smartphone must be in a permanent connection using Bluetooth 4.0.
• In addition to these notifications, you can also see the current time on the display
• All measured personal activity values ​​are wirelessly transferred using Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile device. Synchronization takes place automatically, simply by having the Bluetooth enabled feature on your mobile device itself to transfer data to your mobile application.
• The bracelet has an internal memory in which it can hold the measured values ​​for 30 days
Mobile application
• Day Day band mobile is available for free on iOS, Android devices. In it, you look and analyze the measured values ​​of personal activity and sleep.
• In addition to day-to-day progress, you can clearly see your personal records, record food throughout the day,
• Share your values ​​comfortably on Facebook or Twitter with your friends and family
compatible devices
List of compatible devices directly from the manufacturer - OS iOS Apple, Android OS
technical parameters
• Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope
• Vibrating motor
• Battery type - Lithium polymer
• Battery life - up to 48h
• Charge time - 1-2 hours
• Connectivity - Bluetooth 4.0
• OLED display