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DJI Ronin-S - basic set, Stabilization bracket for DSLR and mirror cameras


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RONIN-S - courage to move
Designed for DSLRs and SLRs, Ronin-S combines advanced stabilization, precision control and the ability to focus manually into a compact, one-handed device. With Ronin-S, filmmakers are able to shoot stabilized shots even in motion.

• Max operating speed: 75 km/h
• Load capacity tested: 3.6 kg
• Operating time per battery: 12 h

The innovative hinge solution moves the center of gravity of the camera above the tilt axis, so the built-in camera display is in the field of view and is always easy to read.
This ergonomic design further eliminates unwanted shaking as the transition from the suspension to the upright position is smooth.
The detachable and modular design makes the Ronin-S easy to fold into a backpack. Thanks to the standardized quick release plate, the camera can easily be attached to a stabilizer for motion shooting and a tripod for shooting.

Continuously effortless
Controlling the Ronina-S is easy and optimal control settings are achieved with the intuitive Auto Tune feature, which is part of the stabilizer.
Powerful high-torque engines actively stabilize your traction even when the Ronin-S is attached to platforms moving up to 75 kmh.

SmoothTrack technology lets you seamlessly move from motion to rotation, all with one hand.
Your favorite SmoothTrack settings can be saved in two settings groups, and you can switch between them with one click.
The new Sport mode for Ronin-S now speeds up the SmoothTrack response to keep pace with any rapid movement.

For ground shots, the Ronin-S can be easily attached to an RC car or even used as a remotely controlled stabilized head at the end of the shoulder.
The dedicated DJI Focus control unit can be attached to the accessory dock, allowing side focusing with a standard handle.
You can attach the Ronin-S to the two-handed handle without affecting the hinge control, focusing or screening.

Constant focus
With Focus Wheel, focus on your subject easily and better. If Ronin-S is equipped with a compatible camera style, you can sharpen using the supplied cable.
Ronin-S can be fitted with an external motor (not included) to extend compatibility with all types of lenses and increase focusing accuracy.

Portable. Versatile. Ergonomic
The ergonomic design of Ronin-S relieves unwanted shocks when moving from a suspended position to an upright position in one continuous shot.
The removable design offers a wide range of applications. Attach the Ronin-S to the RC car to shoot quick shots from the ceiling or use it as a stabilized remote-controlled crane head.
This removable design also allows easy transport and storage.

Automatic creative features
The dramatic scenery is based on creative and carefully thought-through shots. Ronin-S includes a number of automatic features in DJI Ronin that allow you to produce even more creative professional shots and help you get the most out of your potential.
• Time-lapse
• Time-lapse in motion
• Tracking
We understand that sometimes you need more than a stabilized hinge for your project. Ronin-S is therefore equipped with a number of mounting points for accessories such as a microphone, LED lights or even a wireless video transmitter.
Compatibility with control devices such as Master Force ensures intuitive operation. Master Wheels controls further enable the operator to accurately control hitch movements remotely.

DJI Ronin-S comes on the market as a versatile worker for every filmmaker. Whether you work alone or in a team, Ronin-S offers maximum flexibility wherever you are. Thanks to DJI professional stabilization algorithms, the Ronin-S is truly versatile and is now also in a lightweight and simple one-handed design.

Package contents:
• Camera stabilizer
• Handle with built-in battery
• Camera mounting plate
• Type-C cable
• Lens support
• Camera Riser
• Tripod stand
• Stabilizer strap
• Shipping box