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DJI Quadrocopter - Dron, Phantom 4 ADVANCED, 4K Ultra HD Camera


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Welcome to the future! Become a director and a cameraman of your own experiences, put the camera in your wings and join us in the world of aerial photography and video. Take the transmitter in your hand, add the gas and start creating your world, your movie ...

The new camera is fitted with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor that can shoot 4K/60fps video and shoot sequential photos at 14 frames per second.
The construction of titanium and magnesium alloys increases the rigidity of the hull and reduces weight.
• 1-inch Sensor
• 60fps
• Mechanical Shutter
• Double Coding
• 7km range of control
• 29-minute Flight Time

The camcorder was rebuilt to use a 1-inch 20-megapixel CMOS sensor. The camera is fitted with a tailor-made lens with eight members assembled in seven groups, the first mechanically-locked DJI camera that removes the "rolling shutter" distortion that may appear on a fast moving object or fast flight.
It is as powerful as many traditional "ground" cameras.
More powerful video processing supports H.264 4K video at 60fps or H.265 4K at 30fps, both with a 100Mbps stream.
Advanced sensors and processors ensure that everything is captured with more detail and a bit of data that is needed for postproduction.

The driver lets you capture images almost as easily as holding a camera, thanks to sensitive control levers, dedicated buttons and a range of up to 5 km.
Offers dedicated buttons for:
• Release the shutter
• start/stop for shooting
• Phantom stop button in the air during autonomous flight modes
• Rotary controls for tilting the stabilized hinge and setting the camera
• It also has two programmable buttons, so you can customize the driver according to your needs

The Lightbridge Lightweight Transmission System uses TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) for signal transmission, allowing you to send control signals and receive video signals at the same frequency.
The 2.4GHz band is often affected by Wi-Fi, 4G transmitters and other types of interference. After turning on Phantom 4 Advanced will evaluate the level of interference and automatically select the transmission channel with the least interference. This ensures optimal video transfer reach up to 7km. *

The integrated HDMI port, micro-SD card slot, microphone, speaker and Wi-Fi allows you to edit photos inside DJI GO, which you can share almost instantly.
Five-hour remote control battery, Phantoma 4 Advanced cannons complete a complete solution for aerial photography and video.

  • No obstructions, interference, in accordance with the FCC.


Draw is a brand new route entry technology.
Simply draw a route on the screen and the Phantom will fly in that direction and keep the height. This enables the pilot to concentrate on working with the camera and creating complex shots.
There are two Draw modes that can be used in different cases.
• Standard: The airplane follows the route at steady speed, the camera is turned in the direction of flight.
Free: The airplane follows the route only on request. In this mode, the camera can be rotated in any direction.

Phantom automatically recognizes the objects, follows them and shoots them in motion, making it easier to create complex shots.
Following a fast-moving subject can be challenging, but the advanced image recognition algorithms used by Phantom 4 Advanced allow it to recognize and track the subject while keeping it engaged.
This new algorithm also recognizes multiple objects, from people and cars to animals. This will adjust the flight dynamics to achieve smooth shots.
The pilot can now choose between:
• Trace - Tracking behind or in front of an object to automatically avoid obstacles.
• Profile - Flight parallel to the subject at different angles to obtain profile from the profile.

Fly anywhere on the screen, just double tap. Tap anywhere on the screen to smoothly change the flight direction with auto-avoiding obstacles * and click again to use the control levers to change the direction.
The new AR route feature displays the real-time flight direction for comparison as soon as the route is adjusted. Leveraging the height, direction, speed and climb of the camera at the same time can be complicated, but TapFly Free allows the pilot to set the flight direction and then only change the rotation and tilt of the camera as needed without changing the direction of the flight.
TypFly modes:
• TapFly Forward - Click for flight in the direction.
• TapFly Free - Lock Phantoma Flight forward and control rotation during flight.

  • Obstacle avoidance is not available with TapFly Free.

In enhanced home mode, Phantom 4 Advanced automatically selects the best route to return to the conditions.
During the flight, it records the route and allows returning along the same route and avoids obstacles in casethe control signal is interrupted.
Depending on the height at the moment of signal loss, he is also able to adjust the flight path to avoid the obstacles he encounters during the flight.
After taking off, it records the scene underneath and then compares it with what it sees on the way back to achieve a more accurate landing.
It can also detect ground for evaluating a suitable landing location. If he encounters any obstacles or if there is water on the ground, the pilot warns and remains hanging at a suitable altitude for a safe landing.

Gesture mode
Using gesture mode makes it easy to "selfie" with a few gestures, without a remote control. Advanced image processing technology allows Phantom 4 Advanced to receive gesture instructions.
Simply lift your hands and watch the camera and the airplane recognizes this movement and locks the camera to the person in the center of the shot.
Once everything is ready for a photo, just stretch out your hands for instructions. The three-second self-timer starts, it time to play, allowing you to capture snapshots without a remote control in your hands.

Flight modes
Phantom 4 Advanced offers three flight modes: P, A and S.
Switching between modes allows the pilot to get the right control over the airplane, whether looking for smoothness, ease of operation, intelligent navigation, or speed.
TapFly, ActiveTrack, Obstacle perception, and Positioning are active.
Sport mode delivers extra agility and speeds up to 72km/h.
All mode shuts off satellite stabilization and maintains Phantoma 4 Advanced height. Ideal for experienced pilots who require smoother recording.
Trip Mode, which limits the speed to 7km/h, delivers extra precision for fine-tuning or in-flight flight control. Both infrared and image sensors are active in these modes for safe flight.

7km reach
Using the latest technology for Lightbridge transmission, the Lightbridge allows you to transfer the image at a maximum distance of 7km. * Before every flight, the range of available frequencies will be scanned and selected with the least amount of interference. Support for two bands, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, allows for more reliable control.
Lightbridge integration with DJI GO also enables real-time transmission of important flight data and can also be used to quickly download photos and videos to connected mobile devices.
The Lightbridge Image Transfer System also uses advanced transmission technology and can automatically adapt to the surrounding environment. Ensures high quality, high-quality, low-fidelity transmission to ensure smooth airplane and camera operation.
Traditional analog video transmission takes up wider band and is more susceptible to interference. It also suffers from short reach and low transmission quality. Wi-Fiit also transmits a weaker one, suffers from delays, long re-connections and short reach due to the high price of stronger Wi-Fi transmitters.

  • No obstructions, interference, in standard with FCC.

Back-up sensors
Phantom 4 Advanced is equipped with a pair of compasses and IMUs, making it more reliable than many hexa and octauthors.
Compasses and IMUs are important sensors that ensure a stable flight, and Phantom 4 Advanced is constantly comparing the data it gets from both pairs.
For a reliable and stable flight, these data are processed by advanced precision checking algorithms and any inaccurate data is simply deleted without disrupting the flight.

Intelligent battery
To acquire a professional aerial shot, you need to stay longer in the sky.
Phantom 4 Advanced has a maximum flight time of 29 minutes, giving you more time in the air to capture this perfect shot.
DJI GO displays the battery status and calculates the remaining flight time based on the distance traveled and other data.
The application alerts you to the minimum safe capacity needed to safely return to the start point. The battery pack features an advanced management system that prevents overcharging and total discharge.
With long-term storage, the batteries are automatically discharged to storage voltage to maintain long service life.

When filming out of the air, most of the physical tasks, including piloting and recording, are remote controls. However, for a more sophisticated viewing, a live preview, flight data and advanced settings are required. Traditionally, this is controlled via mobile devices, making it an essential tool for aerial photography. DJI GO is optimized for aerial photography and is updated simultaneously with the aircraft to support all features.
It offers clever and convenient features and can be used on mobile devices and is also available on the DJI Crystalsky monitor.
The use of DJI GO offers the use of a range of intelligent flight modes. It also provides manual camera settings, including ISO, aperture, shutter speed, format, and more. Any changes to DJI GO will be reflected almost instantly on the monitor.
For easy control and clarity, important flight data and video transmission status can be checked directly in the application.
DJI GO has fast-editing and sharing features on social networks and even live streaming. After each flight, flight routes and other data are automatically recorded and synchronized with the linked DJI GO account, where you can return later. Both flight and data recordings can be easily uploaded and browsed.

Package contents:
• Phantom 4 Advanced
• Transmitter
• Propeller (4 pairs)
• Battery accumulator
• Charger
• Micro USB cable
• 16Gb Micro SD Card
• Shipping box
• CZ manual