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CheckmePro - Pocket Health Check


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Practical, professional, versatile, handheld, medical device for monitoring a variety of health indicators for multiple users. It also offers a pedometer, a sleep monitor and other features.

Checkme Pro is a groundbreaking device that combines measurement of several health functions in one compact and portable unit. Measurement is also possible wirelessly. Checkme Pro offers a wide range of uses, whether in hospitals, clinics, offices, homes, or health and sports institutions.

Clinically approved, wireless, weighing only 65 gs of business card size, Checkme Pro is the ideal medical device for any physician.

Spot Check is a useful feature that allows the doctor to check the patient anywhere, anytime. The ability to measure ECG, SpO2 or temperature allows physicians to better focus on the patient condition, earlier symptom recognition, and potential risk assessment. All data can be stored and displayed on a PC using special software.


  • immediately monitors, detects and identifies abnormal ECGs
  • allows both wire and wireless measurements
  • Broadband 500Hz frequency allows you to capture all the details of your ECG
  • 30/60/90 with records can be played again

Oxymeter and sleep monitor

  • allows both wire and wireless SpO2 measurement
  • Simply place your finger on the SpO2 sensor to measure blood saturation within 20 seconds
  • the external SpO2 sensor is ideal for detecting sleep apnea
  • stores up to 10 hours of measurement
  • non-invasive but continuous monitoring of blood pressure
  • ability to provide systolic blood pressure measurement. This is not only useful for monitoring changes in blood pressure but also for prevention


  • integrated infrared thermometer with high precision
  • easy to use and fast measurement, only 3 seconds
  • comfortable and safe, it is not necessary to wake up a child for temperature measurement

Wireless communication
Built-in bluetooth lets you pair with many phones or tablets. It is then possible to send all measured variables to your doctor, for example, by email. This is suitable for both control and urgent cases.


CheckmePro - Pocket Health Check

CheckmePro - Pocket Health Check

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