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Checkme Pulsebit O2 - Watch for sleep control


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In Stock 1-3 pcs

In Stock 1-3 pcs

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The Checkme O2 Sleep Monitor monitors sleep quality, SpO2, but can also count steps or measure heartbeat.

Checkme Pulsebit O2 is used to monitor and improve sleep quality . Using a finger scanner, the device monitors SpO2, heart rhythm and movements. In day-to-day mode, the Pulsebit O2 can still count steps. You can also analyze all the data in a specialized program (either on your mobile phone or on a computer) and store the data in the cloud.

CheckMe The Pulsebit O2 is equipped with a clearly visible display showing both the monitored data, ie the current pulse and saturation of the blood with oxygen. The frequency of heart activity measures the bracelet with an optical sensor on the inside. For good fitting, a high-quality tape with a delicate degree of fastening helps.

The oxygen level in the blood is measured using a comfortable rubber "ring", which includes a special sensor.

Apnea, or breathing breathing lasting more than 20 seconds, can cause a life-threatening condition. This problem is most commonly experienced by people with arrhythmia or patients with chronic heart disease. The fundamental problem is that the dyspnea of ​​the sleeping person will not always awaken. If this does not happen, it may occur in the extreme caseuntil cardiac arrest.

Checkme Pulsebit O2 is able to evaluate the crisis situation with SpO2 tracking, helping to overcome oxygen deficiency using adjustable vibrations. In addition, CheckmeO2 does not bother with sleep, due to its watch shape and weight of approximately 35 g, it is very unobtrusive.


Checkme Pulsebit O2 - Watch for sleep control

Checkme Pulsebit O2 - Watch for sleep control

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