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Carspa CPS100024V/230V 1000W Voltage Inverter, pure sine, with 24V/5A charger and UPS


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The CARSPA - CPS inverter series charger acts as a charger, inverter, AVR and off-line UPS at the same time. It is 100% pure sinusoidal output and AVS (overvoltage, undervoltage, delay) protects the unit even if the public network voltage is lower or higher and ideally protects the device if the public network is very unstable, with frequent failures.

Product features:
- Ultra-fast relay: Reduce the transmission time between bypass mode and inverter mode to reduce the possibility of voltage drop.
- 100% pure sine wave output
- Universal short-circuit protection: overload, long battery life, static electricity, short circuit, overheating, smooth start
- Turbo Cooling: Keep the surface of the inverter cool and highly efficient
- High efficiency: Wide assortment, high performance circuit maximizes operating time and higher energy savings
- Automatic 3-level internal charger
- UPS function: Backup power supply
- Decide for your own AC backup time by selecting different (capacitive) batteries!
- AVR function: Low voltage public network, high voltage, time delay

Protection features:
- Inverter part: low voltage and trip alarm, overload protection, surge protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, smooth start etc.
- Charging: over current, overload. automatic 3-stage charger
- AVR protection: high public network voltage, low voltage, time delay
- Automatic reset after being protected.

IUU automatic charger with a maximum current of 5A
Simple signaling: operation/error, charging/charged
Soft-start function for starting large loads
AVR function: when the mains voltage is less than 170 VAC or higher 250VAC switches to battery operation, returns to the network switches if the voltage is stable for at least 17 s

Technical parameters:

Maximum continuous power: 1000W
Top performance 2000W (several seconds)
Input voltage: 24VDC
Output voltage: 230VAC (50Hz)
Input protections: reverse polarity (fuse), undervoltage (20.5V), overvoltage (15V)
Output protections: short circuit/overload/overheating
Switch network/battery <10ms
Own consumption <9W
Dimensions 330 x 230 x 100 mm
Weight 5.8 kg

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