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Bulid your own PC

 Let Gear-Up build you the ultimate PC!

 Whether you are looking to enter into computer gaming or you need a better PC for the office, Gear-Up has the hardware and software components to take any computer up to superior quality.

 How is your system running? If you have already decreased all of the game settings, but your system is only playing at 1024x768, it is time for a gaming rig upgrade. Low-quality means poor play experience, which is why the techies at Gear-Up want to help.

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Create the Ultimate Gaming Machine!

Whether you are a Star Wars Stormtrooper or a Lord of the Rings Online Hobbit, you want the ultimate gaming rig. With the right parts, procedures, software and price, Gear-Up can get you into the ultimate gaming rig for any game around.

 You can get professional assistance from a Gear-Up technician to test, build and customize the ultimate gaming rig.

 At Gear-Up we offer comprehensive gearing services that include:

  • Analyzing current setup
  • Recommend changes to fit your budget
  • Making sure components combination  work well together
  • Upgrading computer by our techies
  • 24 hour stress test
  • Warranty service


Home and Office Upgrades

Even if you do not intend on gaming with your system, you need a PC that you can rely on for your important documents, blogging and even accounting. Gear-Up can help you upgrade your PC so that it runs at its best using a combination of original hardware.

 Just let a Gear-Up techie know what type of duties your PC needs to perform on a daily basis and we can help you come up with a list of the right components, software and accessories to do just that.


Get Geared Up!

If you are unsure where your current system stands, hire Gear-Up to test your current PC. Our analysis can detect any software, hardware and accessory malfunctions, ensure your PC is running at its best and we can even help you build it for the ultimate customized system. Learn more about our PC building services and fees by contacting customer service by [email here].