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AXAGON PWB-M10, SUPER COMPACT Li-ion Power Bank 10000mAh, 2x 5V/2.4A + 1A Out, LED Flashlight


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Very compact AXAGON PWB-M10 10.000 mAh power bank with two outputs, LED flashlight and small rounded body for charging mobile devices on the go.
Two outputs allow charging of two devices at the same time. Fast charging of connected devices (output up to 2.4A) and external battery (input up to 2A).
Support current power bank recharging and charging connected equipment.
Intelligent electronic six-way protection of battery cells from all adverse influences helps protect both the charging device and its own power bank.
The powerful LED can be used for long-term emergency lighting.
The small round body forms a durable unit for safe transport. The pleasant matte surface prevents unwanted fingerprints.
Recharging tablets, smartphones, cameras, navigation, game consoles, and other devices that support power from the USB port will now be a must.

External Battery Properties:
• Li-ion battery pack with a capacity of 10,000 mAh/3.7V, ie 37 Wh,
• Input with micro USB connector 5pin, 5V DC/2A,
• Two 5V DC/2.4A and 1A outputs with USB type A connectors for charging two devices simultaneously,
• supporting simultaneous charging of power bank and mobile device,
• at least 500 charging cycles (at least 80% of the original capacity),
• Designed life of 700 charging cycles (subject to battery usage conditions).

Function of external battery control electronics:
• overload protection,
• Short-circuit protection,
• protection against voltage spikes,
• over-discharge protection,
• Overload protection,
• protection against overheating,
• automatic power-on of the bank after connecting a charging device for comfortable operation,
• automatic power-off of the bank in idle for 30s to save stored energy.

Typical charging time for a fully discharged external battery:
• Approx. 5:30 am from a USB charger with min. 2A output (not included).

• Four blue LEDs.
• When the power bank is turned off when the button is pressed, it indicates the four-level battery charge level of 100-75/75-50/50-25/25-0%.
• When charging the power of the bank with a steady-state light, the individual charge levels of the battery are 25-50-75-100%. The last LED blinks to recharge the battery to the next level.
• When the device is charging from the power bank, the LED indicates the current battery charge level 100-75/75-50/50-25/25-0%.
• Automatically turn off the LED after approx. 5 seconds.

More information:
• Made of durable ABS plastic, firm connection of all parts of the cover.
• The dull surface of the power bank body reduces fingerprinting.
• LED lamp function - press button for 3 seconds LED is on/off.
• Dimensions: 90 x 80 x 22.5 mm.
• Weight: 234 g.
• Operating temperature: +5 ~ + 35 ° C.
• Storage temperature: -20 ~ + 50 ° C.
• Humidity: 20 ~ 85%.

Packaging in cardboard box contains:
• 10000 mAh power bank,
• USB Type A/micro USB 5pin 10 cm long,
• a multilingual manual ENG/CZ/DE/ESP/FR/HU/IT/PL/RO/RU/SK/EN.