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AVACOM ADAC-SAM2-40Wb Rechargeable Adapter for Netbooks 100-240V/19V 2,1A 40W Connector 3,0x1,0mm


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connector size 3.0x1.0mm, network cable included

AA-PA2N40L, AA-PA3NS40/E, AD-4019P, AD-4019W, AD4019P, BA44-00278A, BA44-00279A, BLA020053, PA-

Suitable for models of these brands:
300, 300 series, 300E5A-S02, 300E5A-S03, 300E5A-S04, 300E5C-A01, 300E5Z-A0, 300E7A-S04, 300E7A -S06, 300E7C-A01, 300E7C-S01, 300U1A-A01, 300U1A-A02, 300U1A-A04, 300U1A-A05, 300U1A-A06, 300V3A-S01NL, 300V3A-SO2, 300V3A-SO3, 300V4A-A06 , 300V5A-A04, 300V5A-S01, 300V5A-S02, 305E4A-SO2, 305E5A-SO2, 305E7A-S01, 305U1A-A01, 305U1A-A02, 305U1A-A03, 305U1A-A04, 305U1A-A05, 305U1A-A06, 305U1A -A07, 305U1A-A08, 305U1A-A09, 305U1A-A0A, 305U1Z-A01, 305U1Z-A02, 305U1Z-A03, 305U1Z-A04, 305U1Z-A08, 305U1Z-A09, 305U1Z-A0A, 305V5A-A03, 355V5C-A01 , 355V5C-A02, 355V5C-A04, 355V5C-S01, 530U, 530U3B-A01, 530U3B-A04, 700Z5C-S01, 900X3A-A01, 900X3B-A03, 900X3B- 900X3A-A03, 900X3A-A04, 900X3A-A05, 900X3A-B01, 900X3A-B02, 900X3A-B03, 900X3A-B04, 900X3C-A01, 900X3A-A04, 900X3A-A02, NP700Z5A-S03, Chromebook 500C21-H01 , ATI 9 Lite, NP905S3G, NP905S3G-K02US, NP910X3G, NP915S 3G, NP940X3G, NP530U3C, NP530U3C, NP530U3C-A01NL, NP535U3C, NP535U3C-A02, NP535U3C-A03NL, NP535U3C-A04, NP540U3C, NP540U3C-A01BE, NP540U3C-A01NL

Always use a power adapter that has the same output voltage (V) and the same or higher output current (A) as your original one.