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ASUS NAS-2Bay M25 Gigabit Network Storage


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ASUS NAS-M25 - dvoupozicové Storage Gigabit LAN Network

ASUS introduced the Network Storage NAS-M25, which provides automatic backup that takes just 10 seconds, or complete recovery of your computer hard drive in just 30 minutes. Two slots for 3.5 "hard drives support up to 4 TB of storage in a RAID 1 configuration Through Gigabit Ethernet connections to the repository can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. With full support for Windows and Linux advocacy NAS-M25 also features print, Web, FTP and Media Server - a complete system for storage and backup.

Regular backups are important activities that many PC users neglect. New store ASUS NAS-M25 offers not only easy and quick backup, but also other useful features network storage. With support for up to 256 concurrent connections, UPnP and DLNA NAS-M25 network, file and media server with outstanding potential. Its strength, however, lies in the comprehensive features for backup.

Once the NAS-M25 in the first backup saves an image of your hard disk desktop, start automatically every hour to take a backup of the system. Creating hourly backups while it takes only 10 seconds. Files created backups can only go through one by one, but also perform a complete system recovery on a freshly formatted disk in less than 30 minutes using a universal function for recovery. In the event of any unforeseen accident is possible thanks to the NAS-M25 PC put into operation almost immediately.

NAS-M25 is a compact NAS device that uses two slots for 3.5 "hard drives in a RAID 1 (mirroring). Its maximum capacity of 4 TB. Design without screws for quick and easy installation, while Gigabit Ethernet connection offers fast transfer of files between compatible devices.
Product characteristics:

Automatically scheduled backups using FarStone Total Recovery Pro 7 in just 10 seconds. Complete restoration of the hard disk of the computer usually does not take longer than 30 minutes. Moreover, they are not required virtually no technical knowledge.
Support for VMware virtualization allows you to connect a backup image in a virtual machine and almost immediately to restore data. In this way, users can transmit a copy of its operating system to other computer, without having to directly restore or reinstall the data.
Processor at 1.2 GHz, RAM 512 MB RAM, 128 MB flash memory and dual firmware - firmware can easily be reset automatically to maximize equipment uptime in the event of such a failure to update or after a sudden power failure.
Easy management via web interface with integrated BitTorrent client is guaranteed nonstop file transfer with minimum power consumption.
Full support for Windows operating systems (CIF/SMB) and Linux (NFS) functions with Windows Active Directory, SQL and Apache web server, print server and a basket in the network share, plus full streaming multimedia to devices that are compatible with DLNA.
Very quiet operation with noise level of only 38 dB install two 3.5 "hard drives without the use of screws to 4 TB of storage space available via Gigabit Ethernet.

Technical specifications
Hardware Software
CPU: 1.2 GHz Disk Management: a single disk, RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD
The SMART hard disk bad sectors, search, support HDD roaming
SDRAM: 512MB DDR2 FTP server: up to 256 concurrent connections, passive FTP port range control
Flash: 128 MB print server: network printer connected via USB
Ethernet: Gigabit 1000Mb/s × 1 Twonky UPnP media server: support multimedia technology UPnP/DLNA
USB x 3 (front x 1, back x 2) iTunes Server: music sharing
Front USB: USB one touch copy Download Center: FTP/HTTP and BitTorrent download without PC
Sharing USB Printer/External Storage Support Android app to control BitTorrent downloads
USB UPS Monitoring Network Features: DHCP client, DHCP server, CIFS/SMB, AFP, NFS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DDNS, NTP Gigabit jumbo frame
Dimensions: 122 mm × 85 mm × 187 mm Storage server: FarStone Total Recovery Pro 7
Operating temperature: 0-40 ° C Server virtual disk: FarStone Virtual DrivePro 12
Storage temperature: -20 ° C-60 ° C System Tools: warning e-mail, hard disk standby mode, upgrade the system firmware, smart fan, remote login via telnet connection, USB UPS support network bin
Noise Operating: 38 db
Noise Standby: 30 db

The specifications and features are subject to change without notice. For more information, please visit