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In 2012 Gear-Up awoke to an entirely new world of computer gaming, graphics and IT systems. Launching our services out of our hometown of Dubai, we were hailed as the first of our kind in computer components and IT systems store in the Middle East.

Today we have grown from our roots of computer gaming and graphics in Europe to a high-quality systems provider for the vastly expanding Middle Eastern market. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality computer components that turn their gaming and computing from oblique to out of this world extraordinary!

Why Customers Shop at Gear-Up

We are experts, gamers, professionals and passionate PC users. We love what we sell and we love to help others rev up their computer systems so they have a state-of-the-art machine that they can game, stream, produce and process with. When customers shop at Gear-Up, they enjoy benefits like:

  • We are dedicated experts (not a market place of random sellers)
  • One Company, One Order, One Shipping Cost, One Direct Contact Point - you know who you shop with
  • Enjoying our friendly, respectful, fun and cool customer service staff and their advice
  • Getting access to the industry’s highest quality computer components at competitive pricing
  • Enjoying our rock-solid guarantee for any product we sell
  • Enjoying convenient, affordable shipping
  • Getting access to Gear-Up’s knowledgeable buying power and all the products it gets you
  • Getting access to one of the largest inventories for computer components to build the best gaming machine possible

We supply the products our customers need to create a superior system and we back it with our extensive knowledge and expertise. Whether you are a novice computer user or a gaming tech master, we know you will enjoy getting your gear from Contact your Gear-Up expert today and get started with your new, unique, Gear-Up system!

Store history

Our Team

  • Michal


    Michal is the captain of the operation. We would be running around like headless chickens without him. He established the company and he is giving it the direction to ensure that it is always developing and following the latest trends in online shopping world. He is making all important strategic decission from HR, through logistics and shop development to what color of coffee machine should be in the office.

  • Zee


    Zee runs the office making sure the guys don't fight over the last cookie. He overlooks the customer service and marketing making sure no ticket is unattended and all promotions are communicated to our precious customers. His favorite moments are shaking hands and congratulating to our promotions winners.

  • James


    James is our IT guru who will build you the greatest PC for every budget you set. He will pationatelly explain you what is the difference between H270E and Z270A or why you should press power button when you want to see your family pictures on the screen.

  • Charlie


    Charlie is the guy you would see if you peel off the website from the screen. He is sitting behind making sure that all products, their pictures an prices are displayed corectly or that the banners you see will take you to the right page they promise. (Important note: don't try to peel the screen off!)

  • Gerald


    Gerald is our sales force. He makes sure that we get enough orders every month to receive our salaries and to be able to order a milkshake now an then when we feel we deserve it. He is an IT expert who helps you to pick the right items for your project to be satisfied and not spending more than it's necessary.

  • Katerina


    Katerina likes numbers and charts. She likes to analyze them and combine them and draw conclusions and make decisions based on them. If we manage how to print on lettuce leafs she would print the charts on them and makes a salad of it to help us digest all the information hidden in the numbers during our monthly meetings.

  • Lenka


    The internal communication and warehouse management ninja. She makes sure that our stocks are always updated and that we are offering only what we trully have in stock. She's connected with all our suppliers and when you ask for something nobody else have in the market she will find it and tell you when you get it to your doorstep.

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