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27 "LED Samsung Central Station C27A550U-USB, LAN


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Like to present the technological innovation of Samsung which hides the docking station in the leg LCD.

Faster, easier, smoother transfer via USB 3.0 - Samsung Central Station CA550 is the first monitor in the world, which is equipped with USB 3.0. It offers superfast data transfer. Enjoy a peaceful and smoother computing, whether it be browsing the internet or watching movies. In comparison with previous versions of USB 2.0 is the advantage of USB 3.0 in addition to higher data transfer speed and twice faster recharging of mobile devices without turning on the PC. Enjoy your time saved.

The setting is done auto-configuration - Do not waste time setting up the monitor CA550. When connected to a computer via USB CA550 automatically detects the ideal configuration including an appropriate resolution. This is just one of a series of intelligent CA550 feature that saves users time and improve the overall experience of working with this monitor.

Connecting to the network through a USB port - Connect the monitor CA550 to the Internet via an Ethernet cable, you will not have LAN connector plugged into a personal computer or laptop. If you access the Internet via a wireless network, Central Station CA550 automatically detects your laptop and you do not even connect via USB cable. Otherwise, just connect the USB cable from the CA550 to a laptop or PC and you have to monitor and connect to the Internet. Connection to the network is easy and there need not be free LAN cable. CA550 also serves as a monitor as well as a reliable psu of internet connection.

Seamless connectivity with USB Hub - Samsung CA550 is ready to stand up for the Central Station for easy connection of your mobile device and also rid your desk of unnecessary cables. Built-in USB Hub replaces the need for a docking station and with four USB connectors saves a lot of time associated with connecting and disconnecting cables every time you decide to take your notebook on the road. USB hub with USB 3.0/2.0 connectors simplify the work and the easiest solution for connecting all your mobile devices.

Adjustable stand with two joints facilitates the monitoring of multiple monitors - Maximum use Central Station CA550 ensures stand with two joints, which makes it easier to set up multiple monitor side by side. Your second monitor can now be set to the ideal ergonomic angle that reduces eye fatigue and ensures greater comfort. If you work with long files of a large number of pages, between which you often have to move, you can choose to display the notebook so that its screen is located above the display laptop. Use of this total flexibility in height adjustment in the range 27-102 mm and tilt angle up to 20 °.

A new level of picture quality with great dynamic contrast range - Experience the amazing new color quality, brightness and superior image quality, the latest technology that delivers a high dynamic contrast ratio. Monitors Samsung CA550 create a true and fair view, that will change your viewing experience. Monitor CA550 works with stunning and is currently the highest-level contrast ratio of 000:1 5000 to ensure a perfect combination of deep dark shades with the brightest performing pure white tones.

Automatic shutdown - simple and environmentally friendly choice! - Central Station CA550 helps reduce energy consumption, saving both your costs and impact on the natural environment. When you disconnect from CA550 mobile devices or for a longer period of time you leave your desk, the station automatically switches to a special sleep mode with minimal power consumption. When you come back before the screen or connect your laptop, Central Station CA550 automatically starts and you can get to work quickly.