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We are sorry, but this product is no longer available for sale.
We would like to suggest you these following products:
2GB DDR2-667MHz Module for Fujitsu-Siemens

2GB DDR2-667MHz Module for Fujitsu-Siemens

123.00 AED 117.00,- excl.VAT
SO-DIMM 8GB DDR4-2666MHz Kingston

SO-DIMM 8GB DDR4-2666MHz Kingston

398.00 AED 379.00,- excl.VAT
8 GB 1600MHz Module Kingston Low voltage

8 GB 1600MHz Module Kingston Low voltage

340.00 AED 323.00,- excl.VAT
SO-DIMM 4 GB Kingston 1600MHz Single Rank

SO-DIMM 4 GB Kingston 1600MHz Single Rank

178.00 AED 169.00,- excl.VAT

2 GB Module for HP/Compaq Workstation Memory

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135.00 AED 128.00,- excl.VAT


SKU: KTH-XW4300/2G   PN: KTH-XW4300/2G

  • Warranty 12 monthsWarranty 12 months
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Kingston memory modules are the best solution for your computer, notebook, server, or printer.

You can check the compatibility of the memory configurator at:

  • type of memory module for the motherboard: DDR2
  • memory capacity: 2 GB (1x2 GB)
  • memory module frequency: 667 MHz

HP/Compaq: Blackbird 002, Business Desktop dc5700 SFF/Microtower, Business Desktop dc7700 SFF/CMT Business Desktop dc7800 SFF/CMT/MT, Business Desktop dx2300/dx2308, Business Desktop dx7400 Microtower/SFF Desktop CQ2000AF CQ, CQ Desktop CQ2000AN , CQ CQ2000DE Desktop, Desktop CQ2000ES CQ, CQ Desktop CQ2000FR, CQ CQ2000IL Desktop, Desktop CQ2000IT CQ, CQ CQ2000ME Desktop, Desktop CQ2000UK CQ, CQ Desktop CQ2009F, Desktop CQ2013L CQ, CQ CQ2018AP Desktop, Desktop CQ2300UK CQ, CQ Desktop CQ2301FR, CQ Desktop CQ2301LA, CQ Desktop CQ2305LA, MediaSmart Server EX470/EX475, a6005la Pavilion, Pavilion a6009n, Pavilion a6010.ch, a6010.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6010.is, a6010.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6010.uk, Pavilion a6010e Series (CTO) , Pavilion a6010la, a6011.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6013.fr, a6016tw Pavilion, Pavilion a6018.ch, a6020.be Pavilion, Pavilion a6020.it, a6023.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6025.sc, a6026.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6027. uk, a6028x Pavilion, Pavilion a6030.pt, a6030.za Pavilion, Pavilion a6031.sc, a6032.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6033.de, a6035.se Pavilion, Pavilion a6040.it, a6040.nl Pavilion, Pavilion a6040.tr, a6042.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6042n, Pavilion a6045.se, a6046.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6050.de, a6050.dk Pavilion, Pavilion a6050e Series (CTO), Pavilion a6057c, Pavilion a6077c, Pavilion a6079l, a6085.it Pavilion, Pavilion a6086tw, a6099.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6105.de, Pavilion a6105.fr, a6107.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6109n, Pavilion a6110.ch, a6110.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6110.gr, a6110.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6110n, Pavilion a6111 . sc, Pavilion a6112n, Pavilion a6113.sc, a6114x Pavilion, Pavilion a6115.pt, a6115tw Pavilion, Pavilion a6117.de, a6117.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6120.be, a6120.es Pavilion, Pavilion a6123w, Pavilion a6125.ch, a6125br Pavilion, Pavilion a6125tw, a6130.gr Pavilion, Pavilion a6130.is, a6130.it Pavilion, Pavilion a6130.tr, a6130.uk Pavilion, Pavilion a6132.sc, a6133.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6133.sc, a6135tw Pavilion, Pavilion a6138.sc, a6140.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6140.uk, a6140br Pavilion, Pavilion a6140kl, a6142.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6142n, Pavilion a6145tw, a6150.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6150.uk, a6150a Pavilion, Pavilion a6150e Series (CTO) , a6150tw Pavilion, Pavilion a6150y Series (CTO), Pavilion a6152n, Pavilion a6155.at, a6155.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6160a, a6167.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6167c, Pavilion a6177c, Pavilion a6178l, a6185tw Pavilion, Pavilion a6190d, Pavilion a6200. it, Pavilion a6200n, Pavilion a6202.de, a6202.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6202.uk, Pavilion a6202n, Pavilion a6203.fr, Pavilion a6203w, a6204.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6205.ch, a6205.de Pavilion, Pavilion a6205.fr , a6206.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6207c, Pavilion a6210.ch, a6210.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6210.gr, a6210.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6210.uk, a6210in Pavilion, Pavilion a6210kr, a6210la Pavilion, Pavilion a6211.fr, Pavilion a6211la , Pavilion a6212.de, a6212.fr Pavilion, Pavilion a6213.fr, a6213.sc Pavilion, Pavilion a6213w, a6214.de Pavilion, 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Additional Information

System desktop
Frequency (MHz) 667
Memory type DDR2
Memory size 2 GB

Logistics Information

Nr. of pcs in package 1
Weight (kg) 0.0500
Dimensions (cm) 17x6x1
Length (cm) 1


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2 GB Module for HP/Compaq Workstation Memory

2 GB Module for HP/Compaq Workstation Memory

135.00 AED 128.00,- excl.VAT