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2 GB DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM Single Rank for Lenovo


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Kingston memory modules are the best solution for your computer, notebook, server, or printer.

You can check the compatibility of the memory configurator at:

  • type of memory module for the motherboard: DDR3
  • memory capacity: 2 GB (1x2 GB)
  • memory module frequency: 1066 MHz

Lenovo B460/G Series, B550G Series, Series B560, Essential/IdeaPad G460 Series, G465 Series, G475 Series, G560 Series, G560 Series, G565 Series, IdeaCentre A300, IdeaCentre A310 Series, IdeaCentre A600 Series 3011-xxx, IdeaPad S205 Series, IdeaPad U150, IdeaPad U160, IdeaPad U330 Series 2267-xxx, U450p IdeaPad Series, IdeaPad U460 Series, IdeaPad U460s Series, IdeaPad U550 Series, IdeaPad V360 Series, IdeaPad V460 Series, IdeaPad Y430 (DDR3) 2781-8xx, IdeaPad Y450 Series, Series IdeaPad Y460, IdeaPad Y530 (DDR3) 4051-2xx, 5xx, 6xx, IdeaPad Y550 Series IdeaPad Y550P Series, IdeaPad Y560 Series IdeaPad Y560d Series, IdeaPad Y650 Series 4185-xxx, IdeaPad Y730, IdeaPad Z360 Series, IdeaPad Z460 Series, IdeaPad Z560 Series, IdeaPad Z565 Series, ThinkPad Edge 13 (Intel - DDR3) 0196, 0492-xxx, ThinkPad Edge 14 (AMD), ThinkPad Edge 14 (Intel), ThinkPad Edge 15 (AMD), ThinkPad Edge 15 ( Intel), ThinkPad Edge E320, ThinkPad L410 2931-xxx, ThinkPad L510 2873-xxx, ThinkPad R400 2782, 2783, 2784-xxx, ThinkPad R400 2786, 2787, 2788, 2789-xxx, ThinkPad R400 7438, 7439-xxx, ThinkPad R400 7440,7443,7445,7446,7447-xxx, ThinkPad R500 2713, 2714-xxx, ThinkPad R500 2716, 2717, 2718, 2719, 2720-xxx, ThinkPad R500 2731, 2732, 2733, 2734-xxx, ThinkPad R500 2735 , 2736, 2737-xxx, ThinkPad SL410 2842-xxx, ThinkPad SL510 2847-xxx, ThinkPad T400 2764, 2765, 2766, 2767-xxx, ThinkPad T400 2768, 2769, 2773-xxx, ThinkPad T400 6473, 6474, 6475-xxx , ThinkPad T400 7417, 7420, 7425, 7434-xxx, ThinkPad T400s 2801, 2808, 2809, 2815-xxx, ThinkPad T400s 2823, 2824, 2825-xxx, ThinkPad T410, ThinkPad T410, ThinkPad T410s, ThinkPad T410s, ThinkPad T500 2055 , 2056-xxx, ThinkPad T500 2081, 2082, 2083-xxx, ThinkPad T500 2087, 2088, 2089-xxx, ThinkPad T500 2241, 2242, 2243-xxx, ThinkPad T500 2246, 2247, 2261-xxx, ThinkPad T510, ThinkPad T510 , ThinkPad W500 2055, 4058-xxx, ThinkPad W500 4061,4062,4063,4064,4065-xxx, ThinkPad W510 Series, ThinkPad W520 Series (Quad-Core), ThinkPad W700 2752, 2753, 2754-xxx, ThinkPad W700 2757, 2758, 2762-xxx, ThinkPad W700ds 2752,2753,2757,2758-xxx, ThinkPad W701 Series, ThinkPad W701ds Series, ThinkPad X120, ThinkPad X200 2024-xxx, ThinkPad X200 7454, 7455-xxx, ThinkPad X200 7457, 7458, 7459 -xxx, ThinkPad X200 Tablet 2047, 2263, 2264, ThinkPad X200 Tablet 7448, 7449, 7450, 7453-xxx, ThinkPad X200s 7462,7465,7466,7469,7470-xxx, ThinkPad X201, ThinkPad X201 Tablet, ThinkPad X201, ThinkPad X201s, ThinkPad X301 2774, 2776, 2777-xxx, ThinkPad X301 4057, 4182-xxx.