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1GB DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Laptop Toshiba

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20.00 $

Expecting in 6 days

SKU: KTT667D2/1G   PN: KTT667D2/1G

  • Warranty 12 monthsWarranty 12 months
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1GB DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Laptop Toshiba

1GB DDR2 667MHz SODIMM Laptop Toshiba

20.00 $

Expecting in 6 days


Toshiba: Portege M400, Portege M400-100, Portege M400-105, Portege M400-106, Portege M400-109, Portege M400-117, Portege M400-S4032, Portege M400-S933, Portege M400-ST9113, Portege M400-TD1, Portege M405-S8003, Qosmio G35-AV650, Satellite A100-P530, Satellite A100-P540, Satellite A100-P545, Satellite A100-ST8211, Satellite A105-S4102, Satellite A105-S4104, Satellite A105-S4132, Satellite A105-S4134, Satellite M100-P340, Satellite M100-P340T, Satellite M100-P345, Satellite M100-P345T, Satellite M100-ST5111, Satellite M100-ST5211, Satellite M105-S3001, Satellite M105-S3002, Satellite M105-S3004, Satellite M105-S3011, Satellite M105-S3012, Satellite M105-S3021, Satellite P100-102, Satellite Pro P100-103, Satellite Pro P100-105, Satellite Pro P100-108, Satellite Pro P100-109, Satellite Pro P100-112, Satellite Pro P100-113, Satellite P100-114 Satellite P100-115, Satellite Pro P100-119, Satellite Pro P100-197, Satellite Pro P100-198, Satellite Pro P100-199, Satellite Pro P100-203, Satellite Pro P100-204, Satellite Pro P100-215, Satellite Pro P100-232, Satellite P100-236 Satellite P100-275, Satellite P100-ST7111, Satellite P100-ST7211, Satellite P100-ST9212, Satellite P105-S6002, Satellite P105-S6004, Satellite P105-S6012, Satellite P105-S6014, Satellite P105-S6022, Satellite P105-S6024, Satellite P105-S6064, Satellite P105-S6084, Satellite P105-S921, Satellite P105-S9312, Satellite Pro L100-102, Satellite Pro L100-106, Satellite Pro L100-107, Satellite Pro L100-123, Satellite Pro L100-160 For L100/001002GR Satellite, Satellite Pro L100/003002GR, Satellite Pro P100, Satellite Pro P100-150, Satellite Pro P100-167, Satellite Pro P100-234, Satellite Pro P100-TM3, Satellite Pro U200-120, Satellite Pro U200- 121, Satellite Pro U200-128, Satellite Pro U200-129, Satellite Pro U200-134, Satellite Pro U200-169, Satellite Pro U200, Satellite U200-145, Satellite Pro U200-162, Satellite Pro U200-168, Satellite Pro U200-170, Satellite U200-ST3311, Satellite U205-S5002, Satellite U205-S5022, Tecra A6 Series, Tecra A6-102, Tecra A6-104, Tecra A6-105, Tecra A6-117, Tecra A6-124, Tecra A6-CV3, Tecra A6 -S513, Tecra A6-S713, Tecra A6-SP3022, SP3032-Tecra A6, Tecra A6-SP561, Tecra A6-ST3112, Tecra A6-ST3512, Tecra A7 Series, Tecra A7-107, Tecra A7-116, Tecra A7- 117, Tecra A7-119, Tecra A7-201, Tecra A7-212, Tecra A7-LL0, Tecra A7-LL2, Tecra A7-S612, Tecra A7-S712, Tecra A7-SP2012, SP2022-Tecra A7, Tecra A7- ST5112, Tecra A8 Series, Tecra A8-154, Tecra A8-KF2, Tecra A8-KF4, Tecra A8-Kf6, Tecra M5, Tecra M5-100 Tecra M5-101 Tecra M5-104 Tecra M5-106 Tecra M5-109 Tecra M5-121 Tecra M5-122 Tecra M5-126 Tecra M5-129 Tecra M5-131 Tecra M5-132 Tecra M5-133 Tecra M5-135 Tecra M5-136 Tecra LV1-M5, Tecra M5-LV4, Tecra M5-LV7, Tecra M5-P2421T, Tecra M5-S433, Tecra M5-S5331, Tecra M5-SP721, Tecra M5-ST1412, Tecra M5-ST8112, Tecra M5/016007, Tecra M5/017007, M5/030007 Tecra, Tecra M6-EZ6611, Tecra M6-ST3412, Tecra M7-116th

Additional Information

System notebook
Frequency (MHz) 667
Memory type DDR2
Memory size 1 GB
CAS latency CL5
Type of memory Non-ECC

Logistics Information

Nr. of pcs in package 1
Weight (kg) 0.1000
Dimensions (cm) 17x5x1.5
Length (cm) 1.5


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