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1GB DDR2-667 CL5 DIMM Kingston

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19.00 $

In Stock 1-3 pcs


SKU: D12864F50   PN: D12864F50

  • Warranty 12 monthsWarranty 12 months
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Kingston memory modules are the best solution for your computer, notebook, server or printer

You can check the compatibility of the memory configurator at:

  • type of memory module for the motherboard: DDR2
  • Memory Capacity: 1 GB (1x1 GB)
  • frequency memory module: 667 MHz

Averatec: All-In-One Desktop PC, All-In-One Desktop PC (2008); ClearCube: R1300 PC Blade, Fujitsu-Siemens CELSIUS M460, Gateway DX2641 Desktop DX, DX Desktop DX2710, DX4200 Desktop DX, DX Desktop 06M-DX4200, DX4200 Desktop DX-07E, DX-UB001A DX4200 Desktop, Desktop DX420B DX, DX DX420QS Desktop, Desktop DX420S DX, DX Desktop DX420X, DX430B DX Desktop, Desktop DX430S DX, DX DX430X Desktop, Desktop DX440X DX, DX Desktop DX441B, DX441S DX Desktop, Desktop DX441X DX, DX DX442B Desktop, Desktop DX442S DX, DX DX442X Desktop, Desktop DX442XP DX, DX-UB101A Desktop DX4640, DX4640 Desktop DX-UB201A, DX-UBC01A Desktop DX4640, DX4710 Desktop DX-05, DX-EB901A Desktop DX4710, DX4710 Desktop DX-UB002A, DX-UB301A Desktop DX4710, DX4710 Desktop DX-UB801A, DX Desktop DX4720-03 Desktop E E-2610D, E-2610N Desktop E, E, E-2610S Desktop, Desktop E E-4610D, E-4610S Desktop E, E, E-4620D Desktop for Energy, E-4620N Desktop E Energy Pro, Desktop E E-4620S Energy Pro, Desktop E E-6610D, E Desktop E-6610Q, FX Desktop FX400S, FX Desktop EBF01A-FX4200, FX4710 FX Desktop, Desktop FX510S FX, FX FX510X Desktop, Desktop FX510XG FX, FX FX510XL Desktop, Desktop FX510XT FX, FX FX530B Desktop, Desktop FX530QS FX, FX FX530S Desktop, Desktop FX530XE FX, FX Desktop FX530XG, Desktop FX530XL FX, FX FX530XM Desktop, Desktop Fx530xt FX, FX FX530XV Desktop, Desktop FX540B FX, FX FX540S Desktop, Desktop FX540XG FX, FX Desktop FX7020, FX7024 Desktop FX, FX FX7026 Desktop, Desktop FX7029E FX, FX Desktop FX8010, FX Desktop FX8020, FX8030 Desktop FX, FX FX8040 Desktop, Desktop GT3084M GT, GT GT5026E Desktop, Desktop GT5092J GT, GT Desktop GT5094J, GT5096J GT Desktop, Desktop GT5098J GT, GT Desktop GT5404, GT Desktop GT5414E, GT5453E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5453H, GT Desktop GT5464, GT5465E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5473E, GT5475E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5477E, GT5481E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5620, GT5622 Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5624E, GT5625E Desktop GT, GT GT5628 Desktop, Desktop GT5630E GT, GT Desktop GT5634H, GT Desktop GT5636E, GT5637E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5644E, GT5646E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5648E, GT Desktop GT5654, GT5656 GT Desktop, Desktop GT5657E GT, GT Desktop GT5658E, GT5660E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5662, GT5670 GT Desktop, GT Desktop GT5672E, GT Desktop GT5674, GT5676 GT Desktop, Desktop GT5678 GT, GT Desktop GT5680E, GT5685E Desktop GT, GT Desktop GT5692, GT5694 GT Desktop, Media Center Desktop GM5410h, Media Center Desktop GM5470e, Desktop GM5472 Media Center, Media Center Desktop GM5474, GM5478 Media Center Desktop, Media Center Desktop GM5480e, Media Center Desktop GM5483e, Media Center Desktop GM5485h, Desktop GM5626 Media Center, Media Center Desktop GM5632e, Media Center Desktop GM5638e, Media Center Desktop GM5639e, Media Center Desktop GM5640e, Media Center Desktop GM5642e, Media Center Desktop GM5643e, Media Center Desktop GM5661e, Desktop GM5664 Media Center, Media Center Desktop GM5684e, Media Center Desktop GM5688e, Profile Desktop 6, S Desktop Series S-5200, S-5200D Desktop S, S S-5200S Desktop, The S-5215D Desktop, Desktop S S-5215N, S-5215S Desktop S, S S-5405D Desktop, Desktop S S-5405S, S-5615D Desktop S, SX-01U Desktop SX2300, SX2802 Desktop SX-01, SX Desktop SX2802-03; MAXDATA: Favorit 100 XS, Favorit 1000 AS, 1000 AT Favorit, Favorit 1000 I (DDR2), Favorit 1000 I M06 (DDR2), Favorit 1000 I Select, Favorit 1000 I TOP, Favorit 1000 IS (DDR2) Favorit 1000 IT Favorit 2000 I, Favorit 2000 IS, Favorit 2000 IT, AT 3000 Favorit, Favorit 3000 I TOP Select, Favorit 3000 ID, Favorit 3000 IT Favorit 3000 IU, A Stable Favorit, Favorit Stable IM BTX, Fortune 1000 A , Fortune 1000 I, 3000 A Fortune, Fortune 3000 I, Fusion 1000 I, 100 Platinum I, Platinum 200 I; MPC/Micron: ClientPro 212 Series ClientPro 385 Series ClientPro 424 Series ClientPro 434 Series ClientPro 585 Series ClientPro 585B Series, Packard Bell Desktop PC 354, PC 753 Desktop 754 Desktop PC, J7150 Imax, Imax X9520, iMedia 1569 IMEDIA 2395, IMEDIA 3393, iMedia 5200, IMEDIA 6261, iMedia 6513, IMEDIA 8001, IMEDIA 8010, IMEDIA 8106 , IMEDIA 8107, iMedia 8217, 8221 iMedia, iMedia 8310, IMEDIA 8451, IMEDIA 8454 AIO, IMEDIA 8499 AIO, 8500 AIO IMEDIA, iMedia 8638, IMEDIA 8783, 8900 iMedia, iMedia 9421, NCD IMEDIA A2530, A3712 IMEDIA SP, iMedia D 9111, iMedia 9215 AIO D, D iMedia 9642, iMedia D2203C, IMEDIA D2650 AIO, AIO IMEDIA D2700, D3710 IMEDIA SP, IMEDIA D9180 ​​AIO, IMEDIA D9181, D9349 AIO IMEDIA, IMEDIA D9351 AIO, IMEDIA D9352 AIO, F iMedia 9218 AIO, iMedia J2422, J2489 iMedia, iMedia J9644, IMEDIA MC 2368, iMedia MC 2469, iMedia MC 2470 iMedia MC 2569, iMedia MC 2579, IMEDIA MC 2590 MC 2669 iMedia, iMedia MC 2770, IMEDIA MC 6514, IMEDIA MC 8236, IMEDIA MC 9005, IMEDIA MC 9107, iMedia MC 9337, iMedia MC 9660, IMEDIA S9512, iMedia X 9224, X iMedia 9628 AIO, iMedia X 9639, X iMedia 9648, IMEDIA X9046, X9157 AIO IMEDIA, iMedia X9222, X9678 AIO iMedia, iPower 8610, iPower 8620, iPower 8640, iPower 8860, iPower J9608, iPower X8630, X8880 iPower, iPower X9775, X9860 iPower, iPower X9862, iStart 1379 iStart 2085, 2380 iStart, iStart 2479, iStart 6000, 8400 iStart, iStart B3102, iStart D2391, D9008 iStart, iStart F2312, F3215 iStart, iStart F7250, F9130 iStart, iStart MC 9194, 8000 iXtreme, iXtreme 8171, 8666 AIO iXtreme, iXtreme Gold MCE 5466, iXtreme Gold MC 2108 iXtreme Gold S 1919 iXtreme J9652, iXtreme J9901, iXtreme MC 2969, iXtreme X2712, X8510 iXtreme, iXtreme X8540, X9070 iXtreme, iXtreme X9170, X9200 iXtreme, iXtreme X9422, X9600 iXtreme, iXtreme X9702, X9731 iXtreme, iXtreme X9732, X9777 iXtreme, iXtreme X9900, Y8520 iXtreme; Sony : VAIO VGC-LS25CE, VAIO VGC-RM1N, VAIO VGX-XL202, VAIO VGX-XL3 VAIO VGX-XL301, VAIO VGX-XL302; Toshiba: Equium 3410 EQ18C/N, Equium 5180 EQ18C/N, Equium 5180 EQ21E/N , Equium S6300 EQ18C/N, Equium S6300 EQ20E/N.

Additional Information

System desktop
Frequency (MHz) 667
Memory type DDR2
Memory size 1 GB

Logistics Information

Nr. of pcs in package 1
Weight (kg) 0.1000
Dimensions (cm) 17x13x2
Length (cm) 2


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